1 Year Party and EMC Story

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What hour on Saturday should the Party be held?

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3pm Eastern Standard Time 9 vote(s) 31.0%
4pm Eastern Standard Time 4 vote(s) 13.8%
7pm Eastern Standard Time 10 vote(s) 34.5%
8pm Eastern Standard Time 6 vote(s) 20.7%
  1. Party Information

    Time- 7pm eastern standard time/6pm central time/5pm Mountain time/4pm Western time

    Scavenger hunt - possible to earn 7,000 rupees

    Drop party- Items include Full chainmail set / Stack of quartz blocks / Tnt / Villager eggs / Nether wart / COOKIES / Enchanted books / End stone / Books

    Trivia about the EMC story. Read up! 3,000 rupees available to earn


    Residence 4302 will be the meeting area for all party peoples.
    Smp2 is the server.

    So, as you probably saw in my other thread, I've hit 1 year! The other thread had side noted a party, but the primary focus (and about 50 posts) were about the ore buster I gave away. This thread will be all about ME because everyone loves me (and parties.) First off, my entire Emoire Minecraft story. It's about 1,000+ words including my list of friends, so it's quite the read. Thanks a ton if you read the whole thing :)

    My EMC story.

    As with all great stories, this one started with talking to a boy named sgtjudson. We were looking for servers to be stupid on and see what we could say and get away with, because we found it funny at the time. Come Memorial Day (2012) judson found empire minecraft, with 9 servers to say nonsense on! We played for about a week after I decided it wasn't worth getting banned, but 5 days after joining, I did something rather stupid. Lets just say in the end I was banned for being a pain in the chat, but I was pardoned (with due warning) and allowed on the next day. I came back that Saturday to notice I had signed up for a job for krysyyjane9191 (she would not be a moderator for another 6 months) shearing sheep.

    I kept the job and too, it very seriously, only selling sheared wool other places when I asked krysyy multiple times if it was alright. I (think I) developed a friendship with krysyy, after selling her 600+ stacks of wool at .25r each, though this total was over a month of work. She later trusted me to help build an opening area of the first TARDIS. At the same time (still within that weekend after Memorial Day) I was becoming friends with Jennypoo10, by selling random stuff and making bad jokes. I became a gold supporter in early June, and by that point I had decided to stay. I built a tree farm and paid people decent wages to cut down trees and sell them to me. I met my 3rd friend (amazingly enough, still through work) lemonade54. We later shared a residence until I decided to do one of many remodeling sprees and she got her own res. 621op wanted a grinder from one of the many people he angered in his scams, and paid me to pay Alex to build him a grinder. He was banned shortly thereafter and i got 30,000 for free. Side note, I visited a mushroom island with Rainstorm2 and MrKiloWhiskey. I still had quite an attitude at this time, and would argue in chat, meeting new people such as Inuyasha1204 and tippy97. I met more and more great people as I watched the server enter its 1 year anniversary (wwii1992, Steven7485, Zoebearfun105/Cordial_Pie) My first kick since the first was for responding with, "How am I an a**" after being called such :p. I met ninjaboy5656 after he came to my much advertised (and never finished) mall at 4303. I also built a second tree farm some time later, and hired jacob5089, gaining another friend.

    So that was the story of my friends last summer, now lets talk about my builds :D
    I first started with a small house, then lemonade built a house near mine, and we combined them into a mansion at 4302. At the same time, I had a very small shop at 4303. Krysyyjane was my only customer back then. :p when I became a diamond supporter I built a beach at 4161, with a large jungle temple underground. At 4160 I built my first large residence, a massive purple and yellow skyscraper, which the skyscraper king of smp2 (windylava) says wasn't good.

    It was around September that the account owner samrawcliffe2 (tazzthemazz) gave me his account, because I suggested a new name for him (Epic_Baby_Pawz) I trolled on this account (I was STILL a troll) for a while, then I did the same on my friend KH4LILK3LT0N's account (now mine, he uses AD3MK3LT0N.) In October the notorious 621op came on using his 2 new accounts (deadlyspacepig, Mr_Beast47) and gave me my 4th account, TheCrafter10. I would befriend the great Crazy1800 using this account, and when I admitted the true nature of the account I befriended him as kevdudeman. In retrospect, I have a strong feeling 621 stole this account, and if anyone has proof that they are the original Crafter I will be EXTREMELY glad to return the account and clear the conscience. I later got a new alt and codenamed it "Jack" (think who else happens to have a ton of alts...)

    In November, I started a challenge that would truly test my minecraft skills, 1,000,000 in one month! I donated 300,000 to krysyy/ignoras hotel, and gave the other 250,000 away in my only contest. I would make the money using the stone gens I became very good at building (look for a business thread in a week) and got to 500,000 in 2 weeks. I lost 2 nether stars, which prompted me to rage quit the challenge and pretend I was doing a favor to myself. The rest of the story comes soon.

    For Christmas, I wrote my closest friends some nice Christmas poems (so MANLY) for gifts, since my items and rupees were a bit low from moving. At my Christmas res, I was giving one of ItsMeMatheus' friends (Jcplugs) some snow, and after this I decided to start mumble after talking to them both. I didn't make any strong friends in mumble, and felt a bit out of place, so I left soon after.

    The EMCon was arriving, and it was my new years resolution to be more generous this year after being quite a jerk in 2012. I donated $100 and became one of two owners of an IcecreamCow head, the other belonging to my close friend krysyy who has a role in the next event. My old friend Jennypoo and I had started arguing, and I begun to do what would be one of my last trollings (mumble had a few silly voices still)

    Things got to where I was being very insulting, and I was later kicked by the new moderator, krysyyjane. I don't know why, but seeing myself be kicked by a friend made me decide to stop the trolling.

    Now, the other half of the million challenge. I had been suspended in the 500,000 I earned from the first half of the challenge, and decided I would earn the other half in 2 weeks. I sold glowstone, a single chest a day, and reached my goal, earning 1,000,000 in the span of 31 days!

    In mid-April I begun to start fearing the world and stuff (omg, dies!!) and stopped playing for a month. I have just started again, as of 9 days ago, and am starting a new store at 4302. What makes this store different? Well, if this heck of a story's proved anything, I really don't have anything else to do, so uh.... DEVOTION :):):)

    If I don't mention you in my story, it's because I don't remember. Feel free to tell me and I'll paraphrase it in :)

    Now that we have that out of the way, here's a list of people I've found influential/friends if mine. If you're not listed, just tell me. If you really deserve to be on this list, you wouldn't be one to rage at me :)













    Cordial_Pie (formerly Zoebearfun105)










    There's all the 'me stuff' now lets talk about the party. I will be doing several things at my 4 residences 2x2 on smp2. Scavenger hunts, drop parties, and trivia stuff.

    The party will be Saturday June 1st and be held on the hour with the most toes in the poll at the top. In the case of this not being allowed, or 0 votes, it will be 7pm eastern standard time. That's all for now, so if you have any questions about me, the story, or anything about the party, ask away!
  2. first... hi and happy new year!
  3. You forgot about all the trees I cut down for you :p
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  4. Nice story broski - You forgot to tell the one about the trololo clan :D (just kidding - but fun times... fun times :D )

    Edit: We had a lot of great times together - You were one of the few people that truly helped me pull myself together outside of EMC .... and when you asked for me to help you sometimes - It actually helped me telling you stuff too (Kind of like using my own advice) - Glad I got to know you when I could ... Hope we can be friends for more years to come.
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  5. Hahaha, good times! Glad people can remember this stuff :)
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    I'm waiting patiently for it :)
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  7. Patience is a virtue...unfortunatly I don't have it! xD
    So what happened to zoebearfun105?
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  8. Heh, I put it next to Cordial_Pie because that's the new account she uses.
  9. I read the whole thing.

    Happy 1 year kev!
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  10. you mean Cordial_Pie? :p
  11. I've never seen you before :confused:
    Then again, i play on smp5
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  12. Ya, but why she change her name to Cordial_Pie?
  13. I read it all! :p It was nice to see your time on EMC from your perspective :):):):):):):):)
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  14. Congrats! Thanks for the read. :p
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  15. I will admit, i only glanced at it at first. But untell reading the entire thing. Kev, you are one of thee coolest people on EMC i know. Yeah, we have/had or differences in the past or what not. It doesn't matter to me anymore. Im glad we were able to work things out and become good friends again. Your an amazing person to learn from. As advice, support and help. You've always been there for everyone. Even when they didn't need the support. You were always there no matter what! I feels like i keep going over everything again in words. :/ Point is, your an amazing person, im glad to have you as a friend!
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  16. This. Ermahgerd. So many memories.

    Your trolling drove me to the edge of insanity. First time with sam, I had absolutely NO IDEA it was you. You were telling the stupidest stories ever, and I was like, "This aint sam..." I should have known, because you were PMing me at the same time he was :/ Remember when sam offered to set your lovely skyscraper on fire? Good times. And of course, when you told me your true identity a bit later, I felt like I was going to implode or something ._. It confused the heck out of me.

    Second time with Kh4, I treated you like a completely new player. Gave you stuff, got to know you, etc. I didn't act like myself, because I act very differently with my friends compared to strangers (duh). And then you told me a day later and my mind was blown. Again.

    Then there was the unexpected 'hermano'. TheCrafter10, or Michael :], a mysterious brother suddenly appears out of nowhere. I should have known he didn't exist either. For this alt, I completely believed Michael existed. Not. Even. Kidding. You said that you and your 'brother' acted a lot alike, and that made me overlook that tiny detail. I got used to TheCrafter10, and it wasn't until a couple months later I was told the truth. (truth was actually told after Jack, so it wasn't like I fell for Jack after this ._.) I have to say though, Crafter's role was well played, Kev :)

    By Jack (whom you did not mention), I was highly suspicious of any random players that would talk to me. When Jack came, I started talking to him and noticed that besides his 'backstory' and different word usage, he acted a LOT like you. Not even kidding. When some other uneducated troll was being a pain in the chat, you started telling him off and to follow the rules. Well, it wasn't exactly 'telling him off', but close enuff. Exactly like you do. I ended up 'stalking' Jack's res, and Matheus happened to be there also. 'Happened'. Again, it was very suspicious. You both kept telling me Jack was some other player, and that I should stop bothering him because you claimed your other alt was on Smp6 at the time. This threw me off, and I started to doubt. It was little, but enough. Eventually, it got so bad I was feeling really really sick inside and I thought, "What if this guy is actually some other person, and I just bothered some random guy?!?!" So I followed some advice and sent him an apology on the forums. I was still doubting, so my apology was crappy and very reserved. And of course, when you told me the next day, I failed to be amused. This was the last time. It was never going to happen again.

    Just typing this up made me remember how childish and idiotic I was back then. I'm happy you consider me a friend, though I'm not very good one :/ Sorry for ever being rude or immature. You are one of my most precious friends, and probably one of the biggest reasons I play EMC. You are always there for people, and give some of the best advice and helpful facts. I'm glad we both chose Smp2 as a home server.

    Does that seem too farfetched?? Sorry, but point is, I hope to be friends for a very long time :3 Glad to have known you thus far.

    Didn't mean to end it in a cheesy way... But oh well. Sorry it took so long to post.
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  17. ._______________________________________. So much reading!
  18. There? Is? An? EMCon?
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  20. Can you do it on 3 or 4 eastern time please for in the UK it will be midnight (12.00) and I will be sleeping. Zzzzzzz Zzzzz Zzzzzzz.