1 Year Has Passed... AMA + Free Rupee Giveaway [by IamSaj]

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  1. WOW. It's been a year already since I have joined the EMCommunity. When I first joined, one of the first threads I read was the R.T.S. one (it was introduced two days before/after I joined I believe). Now, I'm getting back into the forum game after being out of it so quite a while. Anyways, since this is a 1 year re-introduction, Hi! I'm John, IamSaj, or Stimulus as some call me. I like playing video games one of them being Minecraft. If you didn't know, I'm asian and gaming enthusiast. I can be found on lots of social media. Feel free to stalk me there. Moving onward, EMC was not my first Minecraft server. In fact, before EMC, I "drifted" of sorts by just staying on one server for a bit then either leaving or finding a new server. When I found EMC, the first few months were great. Amazing. I was immediately drawn by the new community, and my first thread was even replied too by JustinGuy! I loved all the features that the servers had to offer and there were many friendly people that sadly didn't make as far as me. Sadly, I, like some others on EMC started getting burned out after being such a great fire in the beginning. I stopped hopping on the forums, signed in just to keep my res, never really interacting that much when the school year started. Most of my friendships fizzled out and my attempt at a weekly creations contest on EMC had gone down the drain. I also needed to focus on real life, like social issues and academic issues. Some days I would just want to stay home and get on EMC for once. Throughout my EMC Forum adventures, I made some enemies, mostly due to my sensitive but funny personality. I rarely made friends on the forums, but some friends I still see today became moderators or just make time for other friends. Back to real life, I was failing in 2 subjects, mostly due to me talking to this girl in my class and also due to procrastination. Unfortunately, I ended up getting friend zoned at the end of the year. I fell into a hole, not a terrible rump as I did not try to commit suicide as I heard many do. I eventually got out of it, started talking to other people, getting better grades, and trying to go on the forums more often. Now, it has already been a year. Wow. I know right? Anyways, too all my friends (and people who want rupees) (yes, I know you're there) we got through it together right? Through all the banned friends, drama, and negatives. 1 Year. Oh well, here's to another one, right?
    Now, for the people who survived the wall of text, here's you're birthday gift: Giveaway Time! Yay! Oh, and feel free to ask me ANYTHING in the replies below. :p
    Info: 5 people will be chosen at random and will be given 2,500 rupees. Leave your question for me and a number and I will put you on the list. First come first served.
    Giveaway List:
    1. redwing2000
    2. shade554
    3. jrm531
    4. nick_godoy
    5. Equinox_Boss
    6. Electrobomb
    7. Inuyasha1204
    8. MasterMockery
    9. Curundu
    10. creeper3846
    11. TomvanWijnen
    12. cddm95ace
    13. Qwerty189
    14. mba2012
    15. collect12
    16. HylianNinja
    17. ItsMeMatheus
    18. PRO_G4NGST4
    19. MoeMacZap
    20. _Stads_
    21. Jake_bagby
    22. JaydenFerrer123
    23. WeirdManaico
    24. 1998golfer
    25. TheEpic5
    26. Lukas3226
    27. creepybanana1000
    28. 333kirby
    29. jacob5089
    30. Faeghost
    Example on how to get on the list!
    "Happy 1 Year IamSaj! What was your favorite thread on EMC? I would like number 24 please."
    ^ That is the correct format, of course you can change the wording, but those three components need to be included. :)

    Don't forget to ask me lots of questions! :)
  2. 31

    EDIT: First! And Happy EMC B-day!

    EDIT Part 2: Is EMC the only server you play?
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  3. Happy EMC Birthday! This seems to be a popular time for them :p

    How did you find EMC? Also 14 please :D
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  4. Happy Year One! I'd like #28.

    Where did you hear about EMC?

    Same question as above, I got ninja'd, so I guess: What is the maximum number of rupees you've ever had?
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  5. Happy EMC birthday! On and number 26 please ( you're right, the person who want money are everywhere :p )
  6. Happy 1 year on EMC! Can I have 21 please? :)
    If you watch people play games on youtube, who are your favourite youtubers?
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  7. Please follow correct format! I will like your post if it is correct!
    I found EMC on randomly and luckily on Minestatus! I'll add your number!
    My maximum amount was around 200k. Right now it's 128,523. I'll add you to the list!
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  8. Eternal Rampage (quit) Syndicate, Woody, etc, everyone I'm subscribed too lol. (youtube.com/fpsstimulus)
    I'll add you the list.
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  9. I knew it lol. I bet no one read the wall of text either haha. Oh, but follow the correct format please. Ask a question in your post and you'll be good.
  10. Hmm okay: who is/ are your favourite staff member/s ( I know they are all awesome and do their job very well; they have to, because Justin and ICC pic them )
    And who is/are your EMC best friend/s?
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  11. At the moment, yes, it's the only server I play. I do play other video games though.
    EDIT: I put you as number one because there is no 31 on the list lol
  12. Maxarias, Aikar, Green_Mystery, chickeneer and Dwight5273.

    One of my good friends of EMC is Dwight, along with many others...
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  13. Follow the correct format please! :3
  14. [Insert generic congratulatory comment here]

    What is your name?
    What is your quest?
    What is the top air speed of an unladen swallow?

    16, please.
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  15. [Insert generic response to congratulatory comment by HylianNinja here]

    John, I says in the OP. (Lol I knew no one would read the wall of text)
    World Domination.
    Pretty fast.
    I'll add it to the list.
  16. I know it is. My questions were a joke from Monty Python.
  17. Congrats, how did you pick your username? And #12 please.
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  18. Happy birthday...lamSaj.
    Did EMC get in the way of your real life?
    What are the ups and downs you had to go through?
    When you became active, did you wonder how EMC changed so much?
    And....I would like number 15 or 20 or 30
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