!!1 YEAR DROP PARTY!!ArchDukeMelon's Baradar67's and Dramanaya's !! 1 YEAR DROP PARTY!!

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  1. Hello hello lovely humans!
    The 30th of August was Baradar67's 1 Year Birthday on EMC
    The 31st was Dramanya's and Melons 1 Year Birthday on EMC We are so happy that we found this server, and we are glad to have found all of you.

    We are more than grateful for all that we have gotten, and managed this year on the server. We have successful stores, we made great and brilliant friends and we even

    became Moderators on this brilliant server we call home..

    But now..
    Now its time to give back.
    So its time for the Brilliant Drop party,

    But since its not just .. 1 person's party.. but its the 3 of us.. So we have decided to combine our powers into a massive drop party.

    Anyone remember my last party?
    Well this will be bigger. Not only will there be alot of random stuff (ok sure, we just want to dump our piles of junk), we will have staff heads, signed books, promos, vouchers, and rupees!

    Our party will be held this Thursday 3rd Sept, right after last round of Firefloor.
    at our pretty res 12008 on SMP6.

    We hope to see many of you there.

  2. First and we are going to have a melon good time ;)
  3. Noice!
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  4. Looks good, I may be able to tag along... Following the thread :) Congrats on your first year to you all! :D
  5. Congrats to you 3 on your first year here on EMC, I will be sure to try to attend the party :)
  6. Aww im off to school, hope you all have fun :D
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  7. When did I agree to this?
  8. Your soul was sold when you first became staff, so we jut asked your soul and it was fine with it :p
    Shame this is too late for me
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  9. Now you commented :D
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  10. Cool! :)
    I hope it goes well, and you'll have fun! :)
  11. Oh sweet! Congrats on 1 year! Dramanyas i knew was comimg up soon. I thought baradar was here longer and... i forget which one the melon is. Definitely going to be there.
  12. Melon was known as manchildie. He namechanged to archdukemelon
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  13. Can't wait to go :D
  14. Can't wait to come :)
  15. Will come and have a Dramalicious time
  16. Soooo, this time tomorrow? And I have to build a drop party machine by then? And there are a massive number of dc's already lined up?

    I better get started...
  17. So a little over 5 hours to go for this massive drop party. Looks like over 100 DC's so far. Some very nice items like signed books to be redeemed for cash (or kept for sig), vouchers including iron and gold, some promos, gems, all sorts of magical stuff.
  18. Congrats on one year to all of you! If you don't mind me asking, did you all discover EMC together? It's interesting that three mods joined in such a close time space. :p
    Anyway, the party sounds like it was a fantastic time! Thanks for hosting it, and I hope that all who attended had a blast. :)
  19. Thanks HashHog. Well Melon and Dramanya are ice trolls and joined together because they are well, "together".
    I joined the day before and somehow we became good friends over the next month or so. Along with subbob (moved onto FPS or something) we created an outpost together and a year later, here we are.

    Thanks to everyone for coming. I hope you got a load of good stuff but there may be some more in store. Keep your ears peeled :p
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