1 Year AMA n.n

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  1. What about golden eagle? I haven't seen her anymore after the wanted to make myself known thread, I think
  2. My first Roblox account was called AliceF1, but I later made a new one called AliceF3. I never actually made an AliceF2 :p I used AliceF3 for my Minecraft username since AliceF3 is the account that has the most memoriesattached to it ( it's even the acc I met Parker on c: )
    Jessica's roblox account is jessicaf1. I asked her to make her Mc account F3 but she made it f1 anyway

    Why Parker doesn't like 9 is a long story that would cause more problems then it solved...
    Let's just say you met the guy who it mostly involves yesterday on roblox :s
  3. (Sorry didn't see this one)
    Yeah, she hasn't been on in a while
    I ask her to come on but she never does, I might text her or something later :p
  4. :eek: ...I'm not a friend? </3 :p
  5. I forgot like a million people and slowly remembered everyone when I'd finished >.<
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  6. That's why there's the edit button ;-;
  7. There be too many amazing people for one to simply edit them all in ; - ;
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