1 Year AMA n.n

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  1. Hey Empire!
    It's my one year today (duh) so I decided to start an AMA for people who might want to get to know me a bit more :p
    Ask as many or as little questions as you want :D
    Oh and you can ask either me, or jessicaf1 since we both basically joined at the same time :)

    Ask away!
    ( Also, I would have done a giveaway but I have almost no rupees :p )
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  2. Congrats! :D
    Who have you met here on EMC since you joined?
  3. What do you want to do when you finish school?
  4. Do I have to list everyone? I'll list everyone who I see as a friend

    You (Parkerjv9)
    Spidey (can't remember the numbers...)

    And more :p
    So many peoples I think of as friends, even if they don't think of me the same way
  5. Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?
  6. what
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  7. May as well tell a little story about this one :p
    When I was 8, I went to the RSPCA with my Mum to see if I could volunteer (maybe walk a few dogs or something) but the person there told us that I had to be 16 or over to volunteer. Ever since then that's been my dream
    For a job though, I'm not really to sure :s Anything with animals or children really
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  8. I've read this about 5 times now and I'm not really sure whether it's bad grammar or just a troll :s
    Or muddled up letters that you expect me to figure out....
  9. Go home nick you had too many melons.

    OT: Congratulations on one year! Do you like hugs? :D
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  10. Do you make good mac and cheese?
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  11. Yesss :3

    I've never made mac and cheese....
    I can't cook anyway :p
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  12. umg you don't understand though
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  13. Bump :p
    More questions please!
    Oh and say whether they're for me, Jess or both
    Thanks :p
  14. To Alice and Jess:
    • Bro do you even lift
    • Do you like muffins
    • Do you like pies
    • Do you like pastries
    • Do you like cake
    • Do you even SWAG
    Note these will be taken into consideration when it's my time to rule the world.
  15. A: I lift some times at school if that counts e.e
    I lurve muffins, especially chocolate ones -w-
    I dont really likes pies to much...
    I actually love pastries, sausage rolls the best n.n
    Cakes, not so much... Icing makes me want to throw up...

    J: Ummm...
    Yush, chocolate chip is my fave
    Chocolate cake! n.n

    I tired to make Jess add on but she wouldnt u.u
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  16. You like muffins..... wait patiently now. I will be there soon.
  17. Do you still play TFM any more. I learned how to be better at it now :)
  18. Yeah, I play it often but I've been playing Minecraft alot more now
    I can go on if you want