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  1. One year ago today, I was bored in a lesson...And my friend took me over to a site called EmpireMinecraft.com. He told me not to go onto smp5, which was the one that was new and reccomended, but to go onto smp3. Later that day after waiting for a free slot (the servers were constantly 60/60)I signed up on the site, completed the tutorial, and claimed 7426. We went adventuring into the wild - and that night, a person followed us out, and destroyed our base.

    The next day, we set out on an adventure. We found a little island south of spawn - and spent most of our time there. AlexHallon arrived a few hours later. The next day, we went mining in the cave and ravine and got loads of supplies. The day after that, we were raided...and then we took our good stuff into a locked chest.

    On February 12th, I made my first forum post, changed my profile picture, made a darkroom grinder...and learned about the upcoming feature (we had /buy cow/pig/sheep/chicken/redcow back then) called Eggification). I also got kicked by d1223m for spamming.

    Feb 20th - /report feature launched...which has been useful countless times.
    Feb 29th - Eggification launched...And I went crazy with my stick.
    March 10th - The smp3 amusement park is launched (which, to this day, still stands...I think...but is never used)
    March 12th - smp7 is launched.

    Then on March 22nd, me, djozane, and AlexHallon packed our inventories with stuff from our island, and set out back to town...for the last great wild reset was coming. I saved Timmy, my scarecrow, who still lives on my res.
    And yes, me and Timmy have a better love story than Twilight.

    I remained a Towny for about a week, until TES, AlexHallon's wilderness outpost, was formed. We didn't have square back then - so we were torched and the griefer never got caught. We eventually gave in...but the good thing is I met Justin in that base - he came to give us a visit! I'll add a picture here once I do some digging around on the sight - it's on my old laptop but that laptop is broke. Also, during I bought iron supporter for a month.

    I remained inactive for about 2 months, because my internet went poof and I was stuck with a wi-fi dongle that had to be topped up everyday. But when I returned, on May 10th, it was my 12th Birthday. Somebody gifted me a diamond...which I lost, but hey, they gave me a diamond...which was generous of them. In the time I was gone, the servers never were full again....
    In this same month, I talked to Justin about a creation station. I made it...and then met Jack and became part of the EMC Wiki team, so now it's probably never going to get finished...I'm still making it, but I need to learn alot more PHP because it will be under Jack's secret new project.

    In August, after living as a towny for awhile, I seen the LLO on the forums. I joined it, and built a house. In that same month, I started posting with the correct grammar and became alot more sensible/mature/whatever.

    In September, I became iron supporter, and then in October, I became a gold supporter. In November, me, Jack, mba, and Luke*numbers* started working on the EMC Wiki together, and finished it (only for public testing..it's still having some final touches done to it) in December.

    Oh, and in December, I celebrated my first Christmas with the Empire! :)
    I would like to say a special thanks to these people (in no particular order):
    JackBiggin - For bringing up the Creation Station to something I couldn't make before, and for being a helpful and friendly person.
    mba2012 - I met you in the LLO. I have no idea how you became my friend...but thanks for being one :)
    Yankees518 - For being a friend.
    nfell2009 - For being a friend.
    Penfoldex - For being a friend a fellow House music fan :D
    Jakres - For being a friend
    PandasEatRamen - For being an all-out fantastic friend and a helpful person.
    All of the staff - For doing their jobs better than all of the other servers.
    Battmeghs - One Word. Batman.
  2. Yay! Im a friend!

    Great read :)
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  3. Aw... no mention of me. Never mentioned. Oh well.
    Congrats Soul! You may not best me though.
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  4. O_O

    Don't know what to say.


    Great story.
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  5. I forgot alot of people...i'll add the rest of you guys later...cba right now xD
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  6. Wow, congratulations, I hope to see you around the servers some more, timezones suck.
  7. So true
    Timezones is so bad
    Why doesn't half of earth just be awake when its night :D?
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  8. Battmeghs has the best comment about her in that post no doubt :)
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  9. Great read! Happy 1 year anniversary! Sadly I enjoyed mine in a dark corner eating apples...
  10. I'm allergic to Apples xD
  11. Hm, imagine how much of my stuff you could've been caught up with if you came to SMP5 originally...
  12. YAY!
    Well what can I say...

    Happy times! YAY!
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  13. I would love to do one of these when i turn 1 year old on EMC expect i won't be able to remember much xD
    Also Congrats on 1 year! Many people don't last this long! :)
  14. Congrats on 1 year on EMC!
  15. I dont think emc was a max of 60 people 1 year ago but later on they added it on...im not sure so...
  16. yeah... somehow... anyways. Congrats. As I said on your profile in a very long way.
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  17. EMC had a max of 60 people a year ago...just before I joined it was 45 people.
    Lava Walls... :p
  18. Congrats on 1 year :D
    I'm also nearing one year, I think I've had 354 days here :)
    I may do something just like this for my 365th day, one problem... I could remember half as much stuff as you did lol and even if I did I'd have no idea on when it happen. Anyway congrats on your 1 year and I hope you don't stop there! Also, what servers/times are you on? I can't say I've actually ever seen you on lol.