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  1. Regarding The Suggestion Box:

    Just saying -1 or shooting down a suggestion without any opinions is not helpful. Actually spending the time to critique the suggestion to make it better is good. Try to improve a suggestion instead of saying I disagree, not gonna happen, this is a terrible idea, -1, and so on.

    Instead of writing -1, take the time to post something valuable. Try saying why a suggestion's bad or what you don't agree with. This actually does something. Maybe you saw a flaw that nobody else did. Perhaps the poster missed a spot for an improvement. One thing that a person doesn't point out could be the difference between a good and bad suggestion; a new feature and another denied suggestion. A simple reason makes a potential bad post into a good one.

    Posting +1 isn't always great, and could become spammy if people do it a lot, but it shows you agree with the suggestion, more so than liking a post or voting in a poll. If you thought the suggestion was great and feel the need to comment, that's fine, but try to think of an improvement or two.

    Suggestions don't have to be in the first post.

    //mini-rant that's probably terribly written and needs serious improvement. :P
  2. +1

    terrific point though every suggestion thread is mostly a variation of "not gonna happen" or "-1" constructive criticism is a powerful tool folks
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  3. -1

    Joking, you're totally right, giving feedback on an idea is the best way to give the suggestion positive or negative feedback, posting a number isn't going to help with reasoning or with constructive criticism so yes, you're very right.
  4. #NubKnows

    +1-ing a suggestion I have no problem with. Sometimes the suggestion says it all and really nothing else needs to be said. Simply saying no, or '-1', I agree, does not help at all. I'm sure if done this in the past and I will make sure from now on to not do this. Who knows maybe by giving a proper response, a potential bad suggest might turn into a good one.
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  5. Can we get -1 and +<insert something that isn't funny and is totally over done here> banned please? +1 works a lot better than going something random and stupid.
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  6. This is so true. Nothing is more annoying that having someone shoot you down without telling you why. I'd love to see more community members offering constructive criticism rather than the usual "LOL NOPE -1" type message that appears so often.
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  7. Hmm, I always get this sometimes when I suggest something. I feel the same way everyone does.
  8. I have never agreed with a post so much in my life before.
  9. Pun intended?

    Anyways, all "-1" jokes aside, I agree. To an extent.

    Just saying "-1" is certainly counterproductive. It benefits no one. However, "-1" is still an appropriate comment if you don't agree with what is being posted. Some suggestions you just don't agree with. So as long as you state a reason why you dislike the suggestion, it is perfectly acceptable to say
    I see no reason why that would not be allowed.
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  10. Absolutely. I tried to explain it through "Try saying why a suggestion's bad or what you don't agree with" but I can edit it. ;)
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  11. I guess I am too late to make the so-obviously-anticipated-that-it's-not-even-funny -1 joke?

    Anyways, I agree with this wholestoneslabheartedly.
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  12. LOL, nope! -1 :D

    (Hashhog made me to it, honest! :p)

    Ok, a bit more serious here... So very true. Even if you don't like a suggestion it's usually best to start asking yourself in what way this could affect you. If it doesn't (or minimal) then yeah.. Even if you don't like the idea,why shoot it down if it doesn't (really) affect you in the first place? Leave that decision up to players who know what they're dealing with.

    In my opinion the same applies to threads which you might not like. You don't actually have to comment, you can also simply think "this isn't for me" and move on to the next thread.
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  13. Nobody's done it yet, so it's not too late!
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  14. -1

    brb, slamming a metric shitton of bricks onto my face to make up for the fact that I just did that.
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