[1.9 update] How is your performance compared to 1.8 ?

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Which of the following applies to you?

Poll closed Jun 16, 2016.
1.9 performs better for me than 1.8 did. 7 vote(s) 15.9%
I don't notice any change in performance, its the same. 14 vote(s) 31.8%
1.9 performance is worse for me than 1.8 was. 20 vote(s) 45.5%
Other (please leave a comment below!) 3 vote(s) 6.8%
  1. Hi gang,

    Ever since we moved to 1.9 I often run into small lag issues. This varies between my connection suddenly getting disconnected (for no apparent reason) to suffering from a massive amounts of "block lag" (you enter an area but the blocks aren't loaded right away, this often allows you to see right through the world).

    Of course this doesn't happen all the time, but I do notice an increase. Not just that; the people I talked to in-game also often mention issues with lag. From having problems with moving around a store (on someones own residence) to not being able and do certain things like flying.

    And that made me wonder what your experience with 1.9 is so far? Do you notice any major differences or are things working just as always for you?

    Poll runs for 2 weeks, I might even bump this thread occasionally.
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  2. I used to crash when using 1.9, but that was fixed quite quickly with extra memory allocation.
    Now, I do tend to get block lag when connecting, but that clears up usually after a 5-10 second gap once I've moved.
    It's nothing major though. All bearable and not a big deal. I don't get any lag (usually) when I'm fully in, and if I do it's only a weak connection.
  3. Fireworks lag more than usual....
  4. I get a lot lower fps than I did in 1.8.
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  5. Significantly more lag sorry to say. With 1.8 I didn't lag on my res (which has quite a few pistons and redstone going) at all. With 1.9 I am constantly lagging significantly.
  6. I have not noticed any difference, then again- I havent ran my melon/pumpkin towers since we went 1.9 b/c they were filled up as I was forgetting to craft the melons :p.
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  7. Definitely some lag over here. I am using fewer mods than before 1.9 (too lazy to get the rest) yet I noticed immediate lag. I often will run at least 2 minecraft games at the same time on my computer. Before 1.9 I could run up to 4 minecraft games. My computer fans would run like they were trying to fly, but I only noticed a little bit of fps lag, that was all.

    Yesterday I was running 2 minecraft games on my computer. The first one I opened was fine, but the second one was getting terrible fps lag. If I stood still, I would get my normal fps, but once I started moving it fell down to 10-15 fps, if not lower.
  8. This is an interesting poll so far. I'm giving it a wee bump to see what happens next. And thanks for voting and commenting you guys!
  9. I have been experiencing the "block lag" you describe in the op. Also more lag around mob farms than before.
  10. Its really the same for me but I do see less lag in FireFloor for me XD Also my crashing problem was fixed, turns out just had to update my graphic drivers to use 1.9
  11. Massive block lag for me at times. At one point fighting the ender dragon we dropped below 5fps (dang breath).

    I also have been "fly kicked" multiple times while using minecart elevators. These are on my wild base & Have been there for at least 6 months. I use them all the time and some areas can only be accessed with them. I really hope that gets fixed soon. It's a royal pain to get kicked for just trying to move around your own base.
  12. How my performance is compared to 1.8? Terrible. It is now impossible to play on my (decently specced) laptop, as I cannot get more than 10 FPS...
  13. I don't know if this performance related but I keep getting warned about using illegal mods. I don't use any 1.9 mods. The first time it happened was when I used my shield against an Enraged Skeleton. Last night it happened when I was cutting down a tree on my plot in town.

    I think the stuff we're all experiencing are the "1.9 bugs" they keep talking about. I'm sure they'll get them all ironed out in time.

    Actually I use optifine.
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  14. After installing optifine, 1.8 and 1.9 perform the same. However, 1.7 still performed the best for me.
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  15. But I dun't wanna install optifine :/
  16. I guess i haven't noticed a difference. The performance runs just like it did before. I'd say that perhaps I'm just happy to play the game and take any imperfections with performance as an extra challenge to the ever popular Minecraft.
  17. I gotta ask, why wouldn't you want to take 3 minutes to install a mod that could drastically improve your performance?

    You download it, double click it, and it's installed.

    The question isn't why would you, it's why wouldn't you?
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  18. I'm not sure if it works in combination with my other mods, as I also have Liteloader installed. Do you know whether it works in combination with that, or not?
  19. My FPS has doubled in the 1.9 update, and I'm able to run 3 Minecrafts without complaint from my computer. I'm sure I could do 4, but I haven't tried. Before 1.9, I could do 3 as well, depending on the servers/worlds I was connecting to. I have been experiencing a bit of redstone latency, but maybe that's always been there. Really, 1.9 hasn't effected my performance much, but what it has done is an improvement. Unfortunately, texture packs bigger than 64x64 still make me crash, no matter what version I'm in.
  20. Why not? It gives you tons of new FPS-increasing features, is completely free, and if you want, I can give you the download link.
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