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  1. I would like to suggest that rather than a holiday promo celebration [as we do not all participate in public holidays] that EMC does an MC Promo. That is to say when ever MC is updated to a new version which occurs about once a year now that EMC does a promo tool item at that time.

    This could be a super cool tool like a pickaxe with a cool name like "Thor's Hammer" or a bow named "Bow of Hercules" : -

    Horse "Pegasus" Super fast

    More ideas can be found here

    Personally I always like useful items like axes, pickaxes that can be used in game with an ability that you would otherwise not get, like unbreaking XXIV lol well you get my drift.

    Anyway hope you like the suggestion
  2. +1 from me. :)
  3. Woot go silk!
  4. I have an idea. An elytra that is soulbound and has a special name. IDK though
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  5. Promo Bow with Mending and Punch 5 <3
  6. YUS!!!
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  7. On christmas boots that have frost walker? and +1 for me love it!
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  8. The wings of Love? For valentine's day?
  9. You've just made me an amazing idea, which is now getting it's own suggestion (it's not just cupid's wings btw)
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  10. Elytraaa
  11. I agree!
    Its a great idea. +1 :)
  12. Thanks for the feedback, lets keep it going but please keep it non holiday promo suggestions I think most of the promo's tend to be related to holidays and I for one am uncomfortable with that. This is I why I made this particular suggestion, it tends to be an annual event now and a great opportunity for a promo, it could even be linked to the new update.
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  13. This is an awesome idea! +1 from me
  14. The only promo we really "NEED" is Unbreakable Elytras :D
  15. AND super punch bows. :)
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  16. What about a Marlix net, attached to an arrow; when you hit the Marlix it prevents it from flying away from you for so many seconds. This could also be used for the new pvp also so may be an anti-net device could be purchased.
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  17. Why can't we have both update promos and holiday promos?
    It's what we've been doing for a while now and *hint, hint* it's likely going to happen again.

    Remember to submit any suggestions to suggestpromo.emc.gs as well so that they are cataloged for review when the time comes.
  18. Yay a hint from Krysyy! Though ill still miss making those gapples.
  19. Nothing wrong with both, I am sure many people will be happy with that. :) I think though that most promos are linked to public holidays so my suggestion was just a thought to use the MC update as a non holiday related promo opportunity.

    I did not realise there was a separate area for suggestions I will use that next time thank you for pointing that out