1.9.3 EULA Enforcement

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  1. EMC has been violating the EULA for 2 years now. The lastest version of it says that no server may make players pay for anything other than access to the server itself, or cosmetic items. An extra res, or access to endertopia, or things like that directly influence the gameplay, and violate Mincraft's EULA. In 1.9.3 (which, for the server to grow, EMC will eventually have to update to), servers that don't follow the EULA will be blacklisted so no one can connect to them. I'd like to know how EMC is going to solve this problem. It wouldn't work out very well to just suddenly revoke the extra residences people own, but maybe transitioning to a system that uses permanent delerict vouchers (not purchasable with real money, maybe priced at 5M r?) to add residences would work out. Another feature that isn't really used but I know is buried in the Empire's code are morphs. These could be neat new cosmetic items availible for purchase for use in town, along with (maybe) pets of some sort.
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  2. I think Aikar was planning on a cosmetic rank.

    He sort of ditched the effort due to lack of enforcing. That may change though.
  3. Yes I have been hearing rumors about the EULA blacklisting server thing. Just thinking about it makes me scaredish because EMC does kinda go against it :/ Will we be blacklisted??!! Or Will we have to change some EMC ways?! D:
  4. End User Legal Agreement I believe.

    It basically says what you can and cannot do for server monetization and stuff like that.
  5. aikar has already handled eula compliance im fairly certain
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  6. Yep. I've read thru most of the EULA Statement provided by Mojang and EMC is pretty much in compliance.
  7. Emc is also not a large enough server for them to care. They are only enforcing it(at least so far) on the major servers, which Emc is not.
  8. I honestly don't think Mojang will mess with EMC. As others have said, Aikar has already handled this.

    Why don't I think this server will be messed with? We aren't that large compared to other servers. With a ratio of about 120-200 players on a day, that is good but not on the scale of what Mojang is concerned about. If Mineplex or any other Minecraft "Empires" (Large servers) then that would cause a major issue to Mojang. So am I concerned about such issue?, No I am not.
  9. the only thing i remembered aikar saying was not in compliance entirely was the daily bonus. which would take no work to fix if under scrutiny. the eula is also a major reason why aikar custom codes things because plugins just loaded in are technically in violation of the eula and could be issued a cease and desist, making us unable to update without a server overhaul. (this is why he moved us away from bukkit and spigot).

    all in all this shouldnt affect anything on our end, just some choices aikar has to make as the owner
  10. Don't worry guys, the Aikat and red dragon have it well in hand. Despite what their antics may suggest, they are both highly intelligent and know exactly what they're doing. I don't personally know the details, but I have faith that our overlords rulers despots beloved admins to make sure EMC stays as much the same as it can, while still keeping up with the times.
  11. I really don't want to get into a long thread on this yet again -- so this is all i'm going to say on this (My official statement):

    EMC made a bit of effort when the EULA updates were first announced and removed MANY supporter only perks and made them available to all players. But yes, some still remain. They aren't easy to just change.

    EMC decided on holding back other changes since there was no sign that mojang was even going to enforce it. It's not fair to people who comply if it wasn't ever enforced and barely anyone else did. We however avoided adding anything new that we knew was not compliant and made sure every new feature was available to all players.

    But we're aiming to move to compliance, as I had already even put up a notice on the supporter page that the rupee option will be the first to go, since that one is a big clear issue.

    So in a few days I will remove it, and i'm not even going to bother spamming the forums/game with a "Final sale" either.

    As for other things, we will see after 1.9, we'll probably slowly change things so that active ranks will get what they paid for (since ranks are temporary anyways). but i don't know yet.

    EMC isn't joining this "rebellion against Mojang". We will adjust, just I'm very busy person so it's going to take time, and my ultimate goal is to treat the supporters properly.

    I hope Mojang will see that we're moving towards cleaning things up even without "threats" from them and will let us do it on our own time table.

    We will look at updating supporter pages with changes coming, as well as communicating to supporters when more is known.

    I have gone ahead and even removed the 3 and 6 month options now too, and added a notice at top of page of impending changes.

    There isn't really anything to discuss at this time, so I'm just going to close it here. I've said what I can say at this point.
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