1.8 yay

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  1. I don't know if anyone else saw this but
    I guess this means 1.8 comin real soon eh?

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  2. Damn. All my bets were placed on senorquill joining again eight days after last login.
  3. Woop!

    I already noticed though :p

    Aikar said around 2 weeks till the update.. :D
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  5. True true
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  6. I think it would be cool if Aikar could just pick a date. If he thinks 2 weeks, then maybe choose a date a month in the future to be safe. I'm sure that many people will want to be online when it switches and many things will break. For example:

    - Shops need to stock new items.
    - Many items will change value resulting in issues for shops not updated.
    - I assume wasteland will be resetting at the same time. People may need to get their stuff.
    - Minecart systems will likely break and have to be redone.

    So for these and more reasons, it would be useful to the community to have a bit more notice of this change and when it's occurring. We've been on 1.7 for months so waiting an extra couple weeks to have a solid date is not going to hurt anyone.
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  7. The increased speed and momentum feature to Minecarts in 1.8 was removed in the official release (In one of the snapshots to be more precise)
  8. Woo! 1.8 is comin! Yay!! :) :D :p
  9. Just updated all my mods so im good to go
  10. All your mods?

  11. Finally! I remember thinking that EMC would be on 1.8 in October. :p
  12. I'm confused
  13. Doggie45 Is meaning Optifine Etc. Mods that are allowed on EMC.
  14. OptiFine is the only mod I use! I'm prepared :D
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  15. I use Optifine, Inventory tweaks, Damage indicators, and ingameinfo
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  16. I don't think my minimap will work after the update :( will have to find another. I don't know how you people live without a minimap. As dreacon78 once said, "That's why they get lost and die so much." XD
  17. I didnt think minimaps were allowed
  18. Voxel Map Im guessing. That is allowed..