1.7 Wild Reset for Slower Servers?

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Should we reset the Frontier after the 1.7 update?

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Yes, but only a few select servers 5 vote(s) 10.6%
No 30 vote(s) 63.8%
No, but yes if I get to keep my bases and outposts 6 vote(s) 12.8%
Reset all of them 6 vote(s) 12.8%
  1. We all know that the Wastelands were created to preserve all of our wild bases, grinders, and outposts. But with the upcoming proposed biomes changes in the 1.7 update we should think about resetting some of the frontier world’s on the slower EMC servers to help fill them up.

    A fresh start in the wild with the biome overhaul would would definitely draw more people to the quieter servers. This would help balance the slower servers because people will want to seek out mesas, deep oceans, and ice spikes to establish new communities safe from world resets.

    A frontier reset would mean that anything you built out in the wild would be lost. Which is why the Wastelands were created. But i’m sure there is at least one of two servers with members that would be willing to give up their grinders, wild bases, and outposts. I’m willing to give up nine month old wild base and all of my grinders just to get more traffic on my home server and get new biomes in my backyard.

    Maybe it would be possible to get a crude MCEDIT for some of the established outposts and bases. Just cut and paste chunks of land right into a fresh 1.7 reset. Placement could be random or at the same coordinates and let community members do the landscaping around this newer and exciting world.

    I know that manually editing chunks of land into a new world would be a lot of work for Aikar and company, especially when you have to account for the time they will spend updating EMC to 1.7, so I wouldn’t expect something like this to happen with the update. But by only resetting only a few world’s would mean less work than resetting every server and would give us a chance to get to preserve our creations while benefiting from the new biomes and server traffic.

    I’m not sure what would be the best way to determine what server gets a reset or not. I guess members of their respected server could vote for a reset, or just pick the slowest ones.

    I think selective resetting would move traffic to the other servers. Shops and malls on those servers would benefit with more people buying and selling, and maybe even encourage long time EMC members to make new homes on servers with a fresh Frontier filled with ice spikes.
  2. The Frontier will never be reset unless a technical reason arises, much like 1.2.

    And if the staff were to selectively copy/paste outposts into a new world, what outposts would they copy/paste, people would complain. Also, even though some of the servers seem to less traffic, they still get traffic, and a reset would probably just end up reducing the traffic. Every EMC server gets a fair amount of traffic, for some servers, the time people are on, is spread out.

    Something like this, is just not worth it. I could come up with reasons all day, but I can't be bothered, the staff have decided not to reset the frontier, so they won't.
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  3. the problem with this is as follows: and dont take this as if i dont support this (because i totally do and would be willing to give up my wildbase for it)
    theres going to be one person out there on every server who absolutely does not want wild to reset in any way, they like things where they are and want things to stay that way.

    i think having new biomes closer to spawn would be good for the community tho so if this could get some major support behind it it might arouse some purple attention and thus discussion would be kicked down to us lowly regular greens and so on and so forth.

    any and all ideas welcome
  4. There will always be new biomes without reset, you just have to go further to explore. To solve the issue of a really long walk on some servers, it has been suggested that new outposts be made further out. Then everyone can keep there stuff and also explore new lands.

    As far as I know, the wild on EMC (unlike the wasteland) is not limited in size. So there is always room for new stuff.
  5. I think that it is worth it. I think sticking with the pre 1.7 biomes would discourage new growth in the Frontier while being less appealing for new and future EMC members. Why join a new server without ice spikes?
  6. But there will be new biomes - there is no need to reset for them, it's just part of the map that's already explored won't have them. With new outposts it could be as simple as walking through a portal, and bam new biomes right there without a reset.
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  7. I agree with you, just some extra outposts and we're good.
    What's so special about Ice Spikes? I honestly don't know why you'd go looking for them especially. And a month, if that, after the update, everyone'll all be over the new biomes and they won't care what biome is there.
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  8. This is also a great idea. But I also like the idea of shifting people around to other servers. If the majority of new players are landing on SMP1 or SMP9, some of the old school EMCers that live on those servers could move to some of the other ones.
  9. A lot of people care. I care. Did I mention ice spikes?
  10. Ice Spikes: A way to get Snow blocks, Snow, and Packed Ice for people who don't know.
  11. What do we have a wasteland for then. Isn't the point of it to be reset on new updates?
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  12. I dont think this would increase traffic just because people that want certain stuff in the new biome update would most likely just go to the wastelands since they are i would say just as big as the frontier, and every server has a wastelands. The purpose of the wastelands is to get materials from it, not the frontier.
  13. No, The wastelands is going to be reset, that i enough.
  14. I understand where you're coming from however the wastelands were implemented specifically for this update. With the wastelands we were all promised that the wild would never reset ever again. There are many creations and facilities in the wild which have had months of work put into them and resetting that would be almost a crime...
  15. Its just a new biome. Packed Ice, the only good thing about ice spikes, has no practical use for. I would easily join without them. Snow? What is that used for, spleef? A dieing original minecraft game, that no one plays anymore? Snowballs, are too used for nothing. Snow blocks equal. I dont see the hype at all over the ice spikes biome, its a little bit overrated.
    So what? We already have tundras and taigas for snow and snow blocks, and packed ice like i stated above has no practical use.
  16. I'll shut up about the ice spikes. Clearly not everyone is excited about them as much as I am.

    The main point of this thread was to discuss the possibility of resetting one or two of the frontier servers with hope of some how preserving people's hard work.

    I do understand why the wastelands were created. And im not suggesting to reset a frontier server just so we can gather new materials. Out of ten servers, I think it would be cool to have at least one place that we could start new outposts and bases with the new biomes without it being reset. I do believe that future EMC members may not like idea of having to build new communities with 1.2 biomes. I'm sure some established EMC members may not care about drawing new people and growing one of the best MC servers around.

    With that being said, creating portals to far out spots of existing frontier servers is the better solution.
  17. There will be ice spikes... in the wastelands.

    We will not reset the frontier.

    We will rebuild the other servers through other means :)
  18. I'm sorry, but your logic is hilarious. You want to do a world reset to attract new members to build communities that are safe from world resets...........Until when, you do the next world reset to prevent future world resets again?
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  19. Moving to a world that is safe from resets that was reset after people built on it thinking they were safe from resets sounds like dating a married person and trusting them not to cheat... "Hey baby, she done me wrong. I would never cheat on you like I did to her!".
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  20. I was just saying it for people who don't know which I stated in the same message.