1.7 the wild and you...... and EMC and maybe a little bit rainbows and a cookie

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What do you want to happen hypothetically speaking in 1.7?

I want the wild to be reset with 1.7 5 vote(s) 35.7%
I DON'T want the wild to be reset in 1.7 9 vote(s) 64.3%
  1. Okay so iv been thinking about this for a while since first hearing about 1.7 and the possibility (at the time) of there being a terrain update with it. Now its already been shown in screenshots and twitter messages from the mojang team that there will be new terrain in 1.7 as well as new changes made to existing terrain.

    I brought this up, back when I first heard about this, to some people I know wondering what they felt about it and figured about now it would be okay to see what you guys/girls think.

    Basically with 1.7 coming sometime, eventually, we already know they will probably reset the frontier for it but what do you all think about the wild being reset. A lot of people feel its not going to happen because now we have the frontier.

    The only problem to me is that you can't really build in the frontier (you can if you want to lose all your stuff but you essentially can). However, if you want to see or experience any of this new terrain and build with/on it in the wild you have to travel out past the (what is it like 2,000 blocks or 5,000 I never remember) previously generated chunks to new chunks.

    Now some of you don't mind that, and that's fine. However other players might not like having to travel out that far just to see new stuff and/or in order to build on those new (mostly) stone mountains, or those clay canyons ect. Sure it will be more difficult for griefers to get to you, but you still have to make the long trek back and forth if you want to go to town every now and then.

    There is also the situation with the dragon tombs when (if) they come out. You will be able to claim land in the wild supposedly (from what I heard it will still have to be a far way away from the spawns). That could add to it.

    I am just curious what people are thinking about now before we even get to it. I already know a few players at least will be against it because they built something out in the wild and don't want to lose it. But what does most of EMC think? So vote on the poll just to see peoples opinions.

    This will NOT be used for decisions on resetting or anything in the future. Just curious what people are wanting/thinking.

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  2. If you reset the wild huge outposts will go away.
  3. The Frontier will not be reset. The Wastelands will be.
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  4. You have the names mixed up - Frontier is what you are calling "the wild", wild is just a class of world :)

    The frontier will never be reset - not even for 1.7.

    The Wild claiming update will make it so you can teleport to/from your outpost, so going out far won't be as big of a deal.
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  5. Well... I have a suggestion for this "update" as I would rather live out in the new biomes than material gather.
    why not create a new set of spawns? Just have them be out far enough to be in new chunks :p