[1.6] Update

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  1. What is your mind about the next MC update with horses coal blocks hay higher saddle spawns in chests ETC
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  2. Looks great :)
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  3. Seems cool, but maybe Mojang should release mod API for the modders, as they've been "working" on it forever.
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  4. Yes, I think it's cool.

    But I don't know if I like how mobs get better, heavier, more health, more damage, when you play for longer in the same world. I think this will cause problems for EMC, cause it is always the same world, even when you are a new player, other members played in it.
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  5. I think it's cool, because they did not whiped some old mechanics, and really changing things.
  6. What is mod api anyway? I've been hearing about it for forever.
  7. It makes adding, subtracting, compatibility, making, and more easier. Technically, mods are not supported by Mojang, and they want to support it, but the way of modding now is kind of complicated.
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  8. Well, in fact they want to call it the Plugin API, cause they don't like the word "mods", cause that means modification the entire minecraft.jar itself, And the Plugin API will not work that way.
  9. I think this update will be fascinating. I can already picture it now, playing a hunger games and riding to the feast on my horse covered in armor...
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  10. Yes on hunger games when you play with friends take horses with armor some noob sees you coming he's like "oh come on!" xD
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  11. I wish they hadn't nerfed the horse though, making it so you can't craft saddles or armor. Especially if we don't get wastelands out before 1.6 it will be quite difficult to find enough saddles/armor to meet that massive amounts people will be wanting to buy.
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  12. Well there WILL be spawn chests in Nether Fortresses with Horse Armor, Saddles, Name Tags and all that good stuff. The dried clay looks good, it is similar to Adobe Mud, just cook a clay block and you have a brownish block.
  13. Yes! Finally! Coal Blocks! Finally, I can compress this stupid coal down to a better looking form! YES!
  14. Name tags mean you can name your horse and basically own it and is there words on Pegasus' :p
  15. I am looking forward to 1.6 for two reasons.

    1. Old Spice.

    2. Horses.
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  16. No ponies :D................. yet...
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