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  1. Alright, I have been playing on the launcher and here are some CONFIRMED new items.

    Horse Saddle.
    Horse, Different Breeds.
    Carpets finally
    Hay bales.
    Iron, Gold, Diamond Horse Armor.

    Horses can be rode on, they have an animation where they stand on 2 feet and kick in the air.

    Carpets are made of wool by appearance, they take up a 1 block space and when you step on them, it does not elevate you higher.

    Hay Bales can be placed like logs.

    I will look for more stuff.
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  2. *Horses grow to a size when fed wheat.
    *Horses drop leather when killed. Or saddle/armor if they were wearing it before death.
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  3. Crafting recipe for some of the new items:
    Carpets: Like a pressure plate but made of any color of wool
    Horse saddles: 5 pieces of leather and 3 pieces of iron
    Horse armor: 6 pieces of iron/gold/diamond and 1 piece of wool
  4. Lol, sorry didnt bother with recipes.
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  5. Here's a video showing the new snapshot. I just posted it to the other 1.6 thread.
  6. I am seriously waiting for pie... mojang....
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  7. Ah, I did not know that the snapshot was out, thanks lol
  8. There still is one new thing added. Respiration on a helmet can help you SEE underwater.
  9. *cough* Pumpkin Pie *cough*
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  10. Most texture packs have the option for clear water, so that's not as much of a problem.
  11. lol, didn't think of that
  12. :p
  13. I can imagine everyone on EMC riding down the roads on their armoured horses already.
  14. Sadly, horses will probably behave like other mobs and be unable to leave residences...
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  15. Unless Aikar can make an exception for animals that have saddles on them.
  16. brb
    *runs off to suggest to Aikar
  17. Carpets. Yeah... Most useless thing ever. Unless you use them as tablecloth or blankets. But carpets? They're on the ground. We put wool blocks as ground and DADAAA, carpet!!!1! Oh but now it looks like carpet because it's two inches tall. Darn yes, fancy...

    Someone pls convince me of how cool carpet is.

    I guess I'll focus on horses and leashes, hope I can walk my kitteh around xD
  18. I'm actually going to find carpets pretty useful. They don't take up a whole block, which is useful when in a building, when in one floor, the roof is the same as the next floor's floor. And if each floor is 3 blocks high, you'd have to have a hideous 2 block height so that the floor is different from the other floor's roof.
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  19. That's a very good point I was missing, I've actually had that problem before and was really pissed off because addding a carpet on a second floor meant ruining the ceiling for the room below. So thanks! :D
  20. Sorry to ask, but do people actually do that IRL?
    Walk their cats? Seemed pretty weird to me.