1.5 Nether and quartz

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  1. Hello, sorry for long post

    This info is to help ppl find quartz, how and where to look for it.

    If you know how but want to know what's new apart from quartz click -> [HERE].

    So when a new update like 1.5 occurs like Nether Quartz, to be able to find it you first need to go deep into the nether to the area's that are RED or unloaded chunks, never been discovered before.

    Since the Nether we are using at the moment (atm) has been active for close to a year if not longer, most of it has been discovered or or has loaded chunks.

    What I mean by loaded chunks, these are areas of the nether that have been discovered by ppl in the past by walking near or through but not necessarily mined, Also the minerals/items found in those area's will only have the items that was allocated to them by there respective update's. Example is Withers will only be found in area's discovered after 1.4 update, and now Quartz will only be found in area's discovered after 1.5 update.

    Where to find Quartz, take a look on the live map for the nether -> to do that go to the live map, top right of this map will show a menu of all the live maps for the server you chose. The last map is the Nether just under the word their is 2 options one will show the nether in 3D the other RED ONE will show the plan view of the nether chose this one.

    You will see lots of reds and orange and shades in between so to find the Quartz area zoom out use the control on the top left of the screen to do this then is needed use ctrl and plus minus button on keyboard or scroll on a mouse.

    You will see the area on the map mostly discovered in the circle area closest to spawn or /nether. The area which is distinctively red outside this area is what you are looking for. There may be area's with in the circle but the main area is or will be out side it.

    If you want an easy safe way to get to the quartz click -> [HERE]

    Pls feel free to add any other info you think may help ppl find Quartz

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