1.4 question in town

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  1. hi, when 1.4 gets released for emc. will town get the bats randomly spawning like we do with squids?

    i only ask as if they do would that cause problems for people who have dark caves on res having loads spawn?

    since the bats are able to spawn in peaceful i would think that would mean the town would have them spawning as well.

    also sorry if this is in the wrong spot.
  2. They would effect your entcount too...
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  3. hmm well i best get to work lighting up my res. i dug it all out and built floors but have not lit it all up properly. having to deal with quids is bad enough.
  4. Aikar or JustinGuy will be able to code it where they are considered mobs and will not spawn in town.
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  5. i would like them to spawn in town but i would also like a way to be able to control how many can spawn. like having the mob eggs etc... so not have random spawning but have it so you can egg and release them.
  6. Maybe they will make it so they can only be spawned in with eggs.
  7. If they randomly spawned you could just egg them.
  8. true but my res in close to spawn so most of the time it will get loaded and i live in the wild alot of the time so i wouldnt want to come back to liek 100 odd bats.

    that would be a good thing tho the price of those would be very high.
  9. Yea. I'm planning too make a bat farm. I'm currently working on a design on sp
  10. How does a bat farm work?
  11. im guessing a dark room for bats to spawn into egg them and wait for more to spawn
  12. What do they drop?
  13. As of the current snapshot, 12w38a, they do not drop any items nor xp.
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  14. Nothing yet.
  15. I see. Do they do plan on adding some drops? Just because there doesn't seem much of a point for bat farms...
  16. hard to say as main thing bats are used for irl is protecting farms guano.
  17. Can I hear Farmer Bats who harvest and plant for you? ;)
  18. lols. that would be good but sadly all they do is eat bugs that are found on crops etc..
  19. Bats in town would be awesome.
    Im batman.