1.4.4 Update.

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  1. Hey, I don't think EMC should update to 1.4.4, You should be able to kill slime. On the update you cant.
  2. Why can't you kill slimes?
    EMC will update. No discussion needed. This is just not an option.
  3. Look at the first page where it says what has been updated and it says 'Cant kill slime cubes' -.-
  4. Which one do you want - massively buggy, broken multiplayer or slime balls?
  5. Looks to me as though 1.4.4 has dealt the final killer blow to the Empire. I'm not always an out and out pessimist but at this moment in time (1040:BST) only 10 folk on the forum and 20 spread across 10 servers (out of circa 50k members) is self-explanatory. :(

  6. Well the choice got to be slimes balls :rolleyes: duh lol
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  7. Most of them are banned but yep, we need updates and voting encouragement. I wish they would really hurry :/
  8. That's to be expected at 4AM US time when there's an update from MC that isn't ready for servers yet. We're far from a "killer blow" to the Empire. Haha. We've barely gotten started. It seems every time there's an update we get all this weird conspiracy theroy stuff popping up like EMC is in trouble or something, lol.
  9. Unfortunately it's getting to a point where this has to be sorted out though, right? :)
  10. Well, here's what happens. Maybe a lot of people don't understand the process which is why people freak out.

    1. Mojang makes a new update that changes the way everyone's game sees the servers they play on.
    2. Craftbukkit, which the server uses, has to manually apply those mojang updates to it's code.
    3. When THEY are ready with that they have to sort out the game breaking bugs that would mess up a lot of stuff while playing.
    4. When all that is done, we are able to apply the most up to date craftbukkit to our servers.
    We as EMC have NO control over steps 1 - 3. Not only EMC but EVERY server owner. However, as SOON as steps 1 - 3 are done, EMC does #4 at earliest human chance.
    I hope this helps explain to people more why we can't simply update when Mojang updates. :)
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  11. Uh, why would you think you can't kill slimes, yes it's on the list but it's part of what's being fixed, not created lol
    * [MC-47] - Cant kill slimecubes
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  12. Of course, but it's kind of the same population with/without update now haha. :/ Kind of getting off topic - any ideas on new voting rewards? I don't really bother voting on the other sites because there's not much point - no one else sees it on the rupees page and they wouldn't anyway because there's no rewards, hence I just vote for EMC on the site in my signature. :)
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  13. Hehe, was that a double post?
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  14. Geeeez bro, why so spam?XD
  15. The population is better when we're up to date. Also voting on every site helps, even without the rewards. They're still coming, but it takes a while to create new systems like that from scratch...and things are always coming up like bugs and Mojang updates. :p

    I wish it were as easy as 1-2-3 sometimes, haha, trust me. I know you're not bugging or anything, just letting you know it's always on our minds and we are/will get to it as soon as we can (as well as everything else on the list).
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  16. I thought it was okay at first because it was just major bug fixing, so I updated my game. I can still play on it now, but thats because I save every .jar I get whether its modded or not. I can tell anyone how to backdate their game to 1.4.2 if they want.
  17. Sorry, but I've got to disagree with you here (no offence meant or intended). As can be seen from a previous post (2 Aug) wrt 1.3 update http://empireminecraft.com/threads/only-71-players-on-emc.12861/#post-207336. I've been through this before with ZBS (TF2) and forum - upgrades drive people away, possibly because they're too eager to try out the latest version, a lot of whom don't return. Admittedly with ZBS part of the reasons were because the TF2 upgrades required more RAM and upgrades of video cards etc., but the bottom line is that when people go elsewhere for whatever reason, most don't return :(
  18. Part of this is true. Updates do drive people away...however with Minecraft, that's kind of the nature of the beast. With TF2, they pretty much streamline their updates and force you to get them at the same time and all that is taken care of very quickly. Minecraft however isn't quite caught up to that yet (hopefully they will in the future), so things like updates do require a bit more work to get things done. We usually see most of our active players return when we're up to date after these things though. :)
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  19. That is just there to say it's been fixed, not created :p
  20. I'm kind of thinking it's more the fact that the last update that was put in that isn't in vanilla was in July 4th 2012 - (Not including entity counter which made no change to LAG IMO) - We used to have updated every couple of weeks back in January/Feb when the servers were at 64/60 daily.
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