1.2.3 Lag

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  2. THAT is what I wanted to know. That way when they keep asking about the lag I can give good suggestions as to HOW we can all help out as a community! Thank you :)
    One more thing I honestly do not know... Is there a cache we can be clearing in MC? If so I have a HUGE one...lol... I have it for other games but have never seen one for MC.
  3. Would dropping the number of slots back to the old limit help? I mostly play on utopia and unless I'm missing something haven't noticed any increase in lag (less players obviously). I do notice freezes and what not, but I'm fairly certain that's client side.
  4. Apam, The freezes are related to the client I think as opposed to the server. Here is the bug report on the Minecraft wiki

    [!!] Minecraft 1.2.3 randomly freezes (a technical viewpoint, with a Bukkit server)
    1. Ubuntu 10.04 x64 (although others using the server are getting the same result with Windows and OS/X machines)
    2. Minecraft 1.2.3 (also noticed it on 1.2.2 when I had it for a day)
    I've been scanning packets between my client and our server, and I can confirm that the major freezes (resulting in the client timing out or hanging/crashing) are caused at the client end. The client stops responding while the server continues to send packets. Eventually the TCP buffer fills to maximum and the server reverts to sending Keep-Alive signals hoping to force the client to send an ACK, while the client PC responds with ZeroWindow signals. Client may stay completely unresponsive resulting in a need to kill the process and re-start.
    Also noted an increased chance of packet resends (and duplicate ACKs) when other players are nearby. Doesn't happen when there's no-one else around. This looks to be lag related, as the time between first ACK signal and re-sent packet can be as little as 0.000028 of a second.
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  5. Although I have noticed a good way to fix it is to drop your Render to normal and install OptiFine
  6. im not sure if its all servers right now, but people can barely move on smp4 right now.
  7. :confused: is that really an auto kick for hacking reason on EMC?

    I'm surprised I haven't hit that yet.... I know i've dropped 20 stacks of dirt at once before.
  8. Theres 2 very distinct forms of lag that usually dont relate to each other

    Server Lag and Client Lag...

    FPS is client lag. stuff like item drops being slow, block lag, etc, those are server lag. You could have screaming FPS no hickups and have horrible server lag, or vice versa. Only with a bug would one affect the other.

    the main discussion here is about server lag, but yes 1.2 did bring some horrible client lag (especially in the nether)
  9. I was erhm.. surprised too :)

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  10. So i should stop making my 21.000 Melons farm? :/
  11. melons are such annoying food. Just make a good size cow farm and live on a steak diet...

    It's alot more convenient as it fills up hunger faster, gives ALOT more saturation (more time before needing to eat), gives you xp at the same time as harvesting (who doesnt like a free 10 levels while collecting food?) and 100 cows is alot less demanding than 5000 wheat when dropped on the servers, and also quicker to harvest (killing them vs collecting and replanting)

    mooshrooms (i have the mixed with my cows) act as dual usage as you can sheer them to collect red mushrooms then it converts them to a normal cow.
  12. agreed - but looks awesom having 21k melons dropping from the sky.

    However, i just realized - huge farms are no longer a problem after the latest update. (All items are respawned in stacks when dropped close to eachother)
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  13. All of those "hacking" messages are from Minecraft itself, nothing we did :)
  14. Really :D?

    Thats just messed up! (And a little funny i would say)
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  15. Yeah some people write in all upset "I swear I wasn't hacking and you banned me!" lol
  16. Not to go to far off topic - but the "this server hasn't enabled flying" also a MC default kick message?

    Cause sorta wondering with the new client side solid block bug - its sorta annoying not knowing your on a "non existing block"
  17. I am pretty sure that is also default MC
  18. I hate to say this, but it seems that every time they come out with a new update and add more shiny stuff for us, they cause the game to require even more ram and system resources. This game seems to need more than my graphic intensive games do which is totally baffling to me as this is way below that in graphic requirements...so odd...hmmm maybe it is skynet in an infant form... :):cool:
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  19. Agreed 100%
  20. The other thing I have noticed since 1.2 came out is that it will eventually fill up the allocated memory. Sounds like that have some coding that isn't dumping things like it should...hmmm that or they want everyone to have to restart their client every so often....grrrrr:mad::eek: