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  1. Hello Empire! Just wanted to take a minute and talk about the intermittent lag that is present in MC 1.2+. Every time a new version of MC comes out it seems to have more of a performance hit.

    As soon as the first Bukkit development snapshot came out I noticed that we were going to need MUCH better hardware for the servers. I immediately purchased some shiny new ones with impressive hardware (Xeon e3-1230 3.2 GHz - 32 GB ram) and got them in place in less than a week. This is about the best hardware we can run on unless we go with e3-1290's and that is about 4 times the cost. So I have pretty much exhausted throwing more hardware at the problem.

    However we still have some lag (well more than before 1.2). I am working hard this week profiling plugins and trying different Java settings. Today I have also implemented a feature that forces the servers to save to disk every 60 minutes, this may cause a brief lag every hour but hopefully will help it the rest of the time. Another idea I am playing with is automated server restarts every 12 hours or so, but in order to do this I have to improve some of the error handling in-case some plugins don't start properly. Additionally I am working with other large server owners to try and help each other find a good solution. I can say that we are doing better than some servers, and they are doing things like disabling drops, disabling items, disabling mobs and animals, etc. To me this would be worse than some lag..

    Some of this lag can also be caused by things outside of the server. Such as network connection (I am sure 1.2 sends a lot more data than previous), PC speed (how much ram you have given to MC), etc.

    Anyways the purpose of this post is just to let everyone know that I feel the pain and improving the performance of the servers is my top priority. If you see some server doing a lot better or temporary issues on other ones it is possible I am testing something, its the only "true" test I can get (simulating load is difficult with this game).

    Long live EMC!
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  2. I've been waiting for this thread. Thanks for the attention to the issue - I think it's appreciated by everybody
  3. Sounds like you know what your doing!
    8 servers all with a bit of lag compared to other servers that have a lot of lag, Go JustinGuy!
  4. You can only work with what you have! I'm glad this server is in your hands.
  5. God you don't even want me to get started on my 2nd home server. It's so laggy it takes about 5 seconds for me to pick-up a item drop. EMC in my opinion is the best there is!
  6. That sounds like bad server good thing we all have EMC!
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  7. The solution is simple. You need newer, better hardware. I offer My guidance, for free.

    This will explain it all:
    New Hardware

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  8. You can try to overclock the processor? Or no? This will probably will over-heat it unless you have liquid cooling or giant fans which I doubt is inside a server tower :p btw what operating system is the server? CentOS? Ubuntu?
  9. I almost always CentOS for servers, it is REHL without the cost. All the EMC servers run 64bit CentOS 6.0. I can't overclock, we don't own the servers and they are in a different state lol.
  10. There is a lot of chat going on about it in the Server from the majority that don't come on the Forums to see these updates. Whilst the lag is noticeable I can't see it doing any long-term damage to the incoming new players.

    Whenever I hit F3 now it's like watching Mt. Everest scroll past, it's ridiculous what this update seems to have done in terms of systems demand. I've had a few memory crashes now which have never happened before.

    Headache after headache eh?

    Good work nonetheless!
  11. Yup I agree with the memory crashes, I never had any before 1.2 but I get them now.
  12. lol, we're gonna need a lot more supporters
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  13. The lag is fine - but i dont get why the client is freezing up...

    dont have the problem on my test server (external).

    I always end up getting kicked with random reasons :D

    "Your dropping your items to fast (Hacking?)" was the best one so far.
  14. lol that was a joke right?
  15. I don't joke about EMC....

    LAWLZ ok maybe i do >.>
  16. xD I saw that big empty gap :p

    well If I was a millionaire i would buy that for Justin :)
  17. I just looked at the prices and: Oh... My... *******... God...
    Theyre joking about the prices, right?
  18. millionaire? i believe you've miscalculated, unless you meant rent :) What do supercomputers go for these days? ... cuz I've got some room in the closet
  19. http://www.pcworld.com/article/135334/ibm_drops_price_on_supercomputer.html

    Its on sale!