1.19.4 Update and what's happenin

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  1. Hey all, a quick update on the status of things.

    Tonight we are rolling out the 1.19.4 update. This does break 1.19.3 clients ability to connect (sorry mod users, you gotta update). But this is a needed update for us to take advantage of some other features very very soon on EMC!

    Keep reading to learn more about what else is happening.
    Relatively little will be noticeably different with this update. This is NOT coming with a waste reset. The next wasteland reset will be with the 1.20 update.
    After the 1.20 update, I plan to re-implement the 3 month policy for waste resets, as this stretch before 1.20 has been... significantly longer than other updates. We will try to write-up an internal policy to make sure this stretch of non-resets doesn't happen again.

    An update on the Empires update. It is very close. I did a run through of the features that will be available on release last week. I identified a bunch of bugs that I am going to be trying to fix this weekend. My todo list on this project is rather small, so I am hopeful for an April release, depending on personal availability. I will do a write-up of those features soon so everyone can know what this update WILL include and thus what it won't include. It should answer most of your questions.

    Finally. This update did come with a Singular surprise that is new. I won't spoil it, but you all can tell each other once it is fully discovered.
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  2. Ty for update chicken :)
  3. "Takes servers down" Surely there wont be any issues :Clueless:
  4. Thank you for all your work to update the server chickeneer.
    I'm looking forward to finding the singular change.
  5. We are working on the downtime. :( Experiencing an unexpected unknown issue.
  6. Update. Things are all back up!
  7. can confirm
  8. Horse changes are insane, I bred a 139.2 speed from a 127 speed and 133 speed
  9. Awesome work Chicken! Thank you so much.
  10. For those that haven't heard in-game. But Fred - https://fred.emc.gs/ - has returned. There is something slightly new with Fred, I won't spoil that yet though. Some people have discovered it though
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