1.15 already!!!

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  1. What zoom option? I know there is or was one in Optifine, but I don't recall one in Vanilla Minecraft, beyond using a slowness potion or lowering your FOV.
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  2. I haven't been watching any snapshot videos recently, but it doesn't seem like I've missed much; it seems like Mojang is keeping their word by focusing on bug fixes in this release. And I saw that this very old (in fact, it is from before I joined EMC) and sometimes very annoying (take golden apples in UHC) has finally been fixed!!
    Let's hope it's gone for real, now. ;)
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  3. I love the new Nether look. I can't wait. I live for the Nether. So psyched. I'm not sure if it is still open but there was a contest to submit an official name for the Piglin. They aren't keeping that name. Might be worth a gander. I think it was mojang/piglin naming submission. I don't have the link handy.
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  4. You're not quite right; the Piglin name has never been up for debate, it's the Piglin Beast that Mojang asked for a name for. Just like the Illager Beast in last update, that is now called the Ravager. :)
    The name for the Piglin Beast became... the Hoglin! I like it! It's similar to Piglin, it features a pig reference, but it also sound similar to 'Goblin', a common name for certain types of monsters (which are frankly unlike the Piglin Beast, but that doesn't matter, it still make it sound better!).
  5. I'm sorry to disagree, like I mentioned prior...I wasn't sure if it was still open. Hoglin was the submission chosen for the "real" name. This is one of Mojang's faceytweets...
    This was a contest, I can assure you. I made a submission myself. =)
  6. Wait, how do you mean "I'm sorry to disagree"? :p I can't see any disagreement. Edit: Or do you disagree with "Hoglin" being a good name?