1.11 - Exploring the Power of Creativity

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  1. 1.11

    A new update is on the horizon. One day, new adventures will rise with the sun: mansions of the villagers’ outcasted cousins, tamable llamas, cartographer villagers, Observer block, Shulker Shells and Shulker Boxes. But there’s one adventure that we can take at this very moment: exploring creativity.

    Update 1.11 has several creatively and effective implemented additions and changes. It shows how Minecraft’s developers relate to their community, and they’re beloved for it. During creation of the Shulker Box, Jeb wanted to resolve one of us player’s biggest inventory issues of all-time in a way that’s unique to how our mods approached it with backpacks. He thought of backpacks being an end-game item, which happened to beautifully match the Shulkers and End Cities he built last year. Using traits of Shulkers, he came up with this revolutionary box.

    A small, but still credible change also lies in The End. Additional End Gateways occassionally generate past the beginning of The Outer End. These portals serve as exit points to allow you to return home more easily, without suicide.

    ***The newest animal, llamas, also has some uniqueness to them. Developer Agnes not only gave llamas their iconic behaviors, but also clothing reflecting Minecraft. Two of the 16 available carpets feature a hostile mob: one of a Creeper and another with an Enderman.

    In recent years, making video games has been officially recognized as an art form. Skills and talents are needed to create them. But like many fields of creation, originality is favored. For a video game, I bet most of us players want characteristics that stand out, but also benefit the overall experience. And I think Minecraft 1.11 matches both criteria to be a worthy update.

    At the time of me writing, 1.11 hasn’t been released yet. Mojang is currently working on fixing bugs and rebalancing for the new features. Then, they’ll release 1.11.

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  2. This is the perfect example of what makes Minecraft such an awsome game. I love this, even rolled into a nice story. You go FM! :)


    I am WAY overstepping my boundaries here, but that has never stopped me before :D

    Have you ever considered replacing the build team (I know you left) with the contribution team?

    Note: this is TOTALLY not my place to ask and insinuate that there might be options, but after seeing this my gut feeling tells me "potential Contrib material" and as such I think you should apply if you haven't already.
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  3. Forever you put out the best threads! I love minecraft as an amazing, evolving game. Please keep this stuff coming.
  4. That was a good read, and I think you're right! :)
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