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  1. that is one of the updates, it also includes the polar bear, and the ghost skellys.... I dont like the nether changes so far, nor the observer block. i like the new mobs thou
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  2. Polar bear!?
  3. from jeb twiter
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  4. I love the accuracy they put into this.

    Granted it is hard to mess up a polar bear, I am just surprised they included the yellowish part.

    They also captured the soul-sucking eyes they have.
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  5. *Hashhog hears that* You will be dead soon :p
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  6. I'm ready for the abandoned mine shafts that will generate on the surface of the mesa like pocket edition. This was confirmed earlier today by jeb_ if your wondering.
    Source https://twitter.com/jeb_/status/729944787609096192

    1.10 (which is still in my mind as 2.0) looks to be an exciting update and I can't wait for the first snapshot... :D
  7. doesnt relate to this but launcher uodate will support mods =D
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