1,000,000 rupee drop party

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  1. Im going to drop 1,000,000 rupees worth of items and rares

    Where: smp9 /v 18500

    When: 6:30 pm Eastern Time (30 mins from this post)

    What should I bring: An empty inventory and your Vault

    Everyone can attend this event and I encourage you to come! The goal is to fill the server!
  2. Who needs sleep anyway? I'll be there bro!
  3. I be dere
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  4. count me in
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  5. Just went to bed when all this is gonna start lol someone save me something :D
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  6. Bro if I could I would attend your event but can't due internet problems.
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  7. Thanks Bro! This is going to be great, best of luck!
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  8. I'll try to get there
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  9. It is 7:00 EST...
  10. i live in eastern time and i can assure you its 6:00 right now
  11. I live in EST (US & Canada) and it is 6:00 for me
  12. ill be there if i can, might interfere with dinner
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  13. My time is ahead by an hour then *changes*
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  14. Thanks alot for this Bro! It means alot that someone is so generous and has such a kind heart. Thanks from me and the whole of EMC!

    Your awesome :)
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  15. sweet my company is going through hard times so maybe this will be a good opportunity
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  16. Got my timer set up to let me know when it is time. I am ready for this.
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  17. Wish I could've attended :( you're a great person for doing such a giveaway though. :D
    • 64 magenta carpets
    • 64 gold nuggets
    • an iron ingot
    • an iron pick
    It's been a good day :cool:
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