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  1. I made a cobble gen. 5 blocks each cycle of the stickies....

    i have friends/new friends using it.....

    so, how can i make this public usable, yet they cant grief my town res?

    as i see it, i can't....if i opened it up, then anyone could break anything? is there a way?
  2. also, i just realized, a public gen may not be wanted or allowed, as i am fairly sure it wouldnt help the economy any
  3. Cobble generators are allowed :)

    But I don't think there will be a way to protect the rest of the res if you give everyone build flag :/
  4. yeah that's why i only have a few ppl flagged to use it right now. maybe opening up to all is not a great idea
  5. Patience. Chickeneer and Aikar have been working very hard on sub-flags which can provide a solution. Right now these are limited to some basic uses (think about container:hopper; only allows access to hoppers, use:button; only allows people to push buttons but not open doors, etc.) but there are plans to extend them.

    So eventually it's likely to be possible to set a public flag destroy:cobblestone. This would allow players to remove cobblestone and cobblestone only. That would likely allow you to share your generator while the rest of your residence is kept safe.

    .... That is, unless your house was also made out of cobblestone :p
  6. Actually, there's a massive (nearly full res) smooth stone/cobblestone generator at SMP1-1728, just step on the teleport for the stonegen.

    Not only is it a highly efficient source to mine cobble, but grab a pickaxe with silk touch and you can just mine the smooth stone.

    So you may be needlessly replicating effort.
  7. Little tip; mining stone is slightly quicker than cobblestone.
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  8. It is possible. You would need to set the res flag move to false and have your cobble generator push the cobble to the side of the res. Then have water below it. If you give a person build flag they will be able to mine anything within the pickaxe's range from the street. If you could move all your stuff inland then it could not be griefed. This would be hard to do but it has been done before I believe. So the idea is the person mines the cobble from the street. And the water below pushes the cobble out to the street where the person can pick it up. But without the move flag the build flag can only break a few blocks on the sides of the res.
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  9. This is possible. Yet, I don't know how. Don't make it public, just give someone cobble if they want it. That's the only way. Also, chickneer and Aikar are working hard on Sub-Flags. Please, wait patiently. Also, after Aikar and chickneer make them, it will be possible. You just have to be patient. Till then, just give them cobble. Don't give anyone flags, they might grief. Trust me.