♥ Can mods Get command Blocks? ♥

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  1. Okay, I know...I just joined yesterday & I don't know if this is something I should ask or not. :oops: But I just wanted to know, can admins/mods get command blocks using the command you would use to get them? Now I'm only wondering this because on a single player creative mode world I have, I'm using a command block to help me get heads by putting commands in them & then activating them to get certain heads. My friend (OverKillAngel) told me there was a 15% chance of you dropping your head when you die & that they bug out a lot if you're only trying to get your head in different skins. See I wanted to create a head shop for everyone & I can't really tell certain people to just change their skins...But anyway, I'll see you guys on the Empire! ~ Lol bye ~ ♥
  2. Does that make sense to you guys? xD
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  3. No, silly. They don't have that much power. Do they?
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  4. Welcome to EMC hyphychristine! We do not currently use command blocks on EMC. However, there is a large market for heads, and saving up rupees to make bids on head auctions is a great way to start up a head shop! Good luck!
  5. Thank you! ;) & thanks for telling me about the market!
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  6. And how do I find the head market?
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  7. The "head market" is not a tangible place on EMC. I was simply referring to the fact that there are head merchants and individual players that sell heads at their residences and on the forums. You just have to ask around. If you go into economy chat while in game (by typing /c e) you can ask something to the effect of: "I am buying player heads, PM me if you are selling." Hope this helps.
  8. There is a 100% head drop in the PVP arenas on smp6, but players can turn their head drop off using the /ps commands. Basically, it's not hard to ask someone to kill you and give you half the heads they collect or something like that and then start trading. You will find lots of players looking to do the same type of thing if you hang out in the pvp. Inventory keep is on in the pvp and weapons don't even wear out, so it's a pretty fun place. Good luck and welcome!
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  9. It's 15% in the arenas, and both people need to have head drop on. :)
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  10. Darn, they must have changed it
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  11. Yeah, happened a month ago, I think. Maybe a bit longer. Basically nerfed head farming in the arenas quite a bit.
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  12. Yes, there is a %15 percent chance in arenas, and etc.

    Command blocks are not given to Admins unless they are fixing the server. Also, only Senior Staff can be in creative mode. (Senior Staff+ that is)

    Also, good luck on your head shop! Go to smp6, and do /pvp and kill people. Thats the only way to get peoples heads, unless you buy them, of course.

    Also, on singleplayer, you should do this (without a command block): /give @p minecraft: skull 1 3 {SkullOwner:username of player}

    In other words; welcome to EMC! Enjoy! :)
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  13. Double post.
  14. Welcome to the Empire! Remember if you are in the 'market' for buying player heads, you can always post in the business section how many and what you wish to pay! Those interested can either post in that thread, or start a convo with you.

    Nope, no command blocks anywhere!

    Most players pvp a lot and heads can be gotten that way also. Many 'turn off heads' though, so don't get frustrated if you do not have luck there.

    Good luck!
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  15. And let's not even get started on staff heads.
  16. lol. You HAD to bring that up didn't you? <3
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  17. And? Double posting is completely fine.
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  18. You would certainly know about this, wouldn't you? :p

    The senior staff members can be identified as having a lighter shade of green than Eviltoade and the other mods that posted above, close to a lime color.

    They said this because there are a lot more Staff head collectors than those who collect normal heads, therefore the staff heads sell for more rupees, and many people often ask the mods if they have their heads for sale. For the thread that has the places where staff heads can be obtained click this link. -> http://empireminecraft.com/threads/staff-head-acquisition-information.55399/
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  19. Good to see ya in game! Whatever questions you got, let me know, if you cannot find the answer elsewhere!
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