Apr 19, 2015
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smp6 or the U.S.A. - Tennessee

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Distinguished Member, Male, from smp6 or the U.S.A. - Tennessee

I'm no longer going to be active on this account on forums in any way, as I have opened my other account's profile page up to views. I'll be posting all future statuses there for that reason, as my important convos are all on that account. If you want to PM me, please PM We3_MPO. Jan 5, 2018

    1. We3_10AC
      Some people are so mean. The London terrorist attack shouldn't have happened. The victims never deserved it and hate needs to calm down.
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    2. fluffinator09
      I was reading your profile and got halfway down. Then realized where you are from.
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      2. We3_MPO
        Yes, it clearly says up there that I'm from Tennessee, and I am an hour behind EMC time. Handy living only an hour from one of the largest cities in the state (and country, really).
        May 25, 2017
      3. fluffinator09
        True that.
        May 25, 2017
    3. We3_10AC
      "A man you can bait with a tweet is not a man you can trust with nuclear weapons." -Hillary Clinton
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    4. We3_10AC
      The Manchester, UK bombing shouldn't have ever happened. Innocent people died with more injured and traumatized. #stopthehate
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      2. WitherDoggie
        None of the terror attacks that occur should happen, but they do. Innocent people are always the victims because they are "targeted" by terrorists. As much as I would love to see the hate in the world end, it will never happen. You can defeat one source of hatred, but another will emerge to take it's place.
        May 25, 2017
      3. synth_apparition
        Our stiff upper lip enables us to look past the trauma, don't worry. We're the same people who got the crap bombed out of us in World War 2 and made jokes about it. I know people who were at the concert and while they are upset and shaken, they're not scared by it.
        If you want a country to bomb you don't pick the UK. I thought the IRA taught people that lesson, but apparently not.
        May 25, 2017
    5. We3_10AC
      I hate sunburns, but UV radiation is everywhere. We need more ozone and dark clothes so sunburns don't happen as much.
      1. ItsMeMatheus
        The ozone layer is starting to recover, and most of the depletion occurs in the polar regions, so unless you're santa or a penguin, sunscreen should protect you from sunburns just fine
        May 23, 2017
      2. We3_MPO
        I hope it's starting to recover, and that's good if it is. Yes, sunscreen helps, but I forget things sometimes and one of my friends is allergic to sunscreen.
        May 23, 2017
    6. We3_10AC
      For those of you who have been wondering why I'm inactive... (continued below)
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      2. We3_10AC
        So, don't be surprised if I'm even inactive during summer break.
        Apr 25, 2017
      3. We3_10AC
        This doesn't mean I'm leaving the MPO. I still dearly care about it, and it's the very thing stopping me from leaving EMC completely. I refuse to give up on a community that has done so well for almost 2 years, even when I'm beaten down by life & interested in other things.
        Apr 25, 2017
      4. We3_10AC
        If you want to talk about it or want more details, please discuss it by PM so others don't have to see.
        Apr 25, 2017
    7. We3_10AC
      I am a gamer. Not because I have no life but because I choose to have many.
    8. We3_10AC
      RL is getting busy, but at least some of it is fun. Hoping for warm weather to stay so I can get in the pool soon and go to the pond more.
    9. We3_10AC
      The Tasmanian Devil cartoon is so funny. Reminds me of my JRT who is very wild, and my grandmother's dog.
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    10. We3_10AC
      "Nature is cruel, but we don't have to be." - Temple Grandin
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      2. We3_10AC
        Also, today is my IRL birthday, and yesterday was my 800th day on EMC.
        Mar 12, 2017
      3. Echelon815
        Happy birthday, Kiddo! And happy 800+ days!
        Mar 13, 2017
    11. We3_10AC
      I'm enjoying this warm spring weather that has started. Things are slowly blooming here in Tennessee, too.
      1. ShadyShannon
        What part of TN are you?
        Feb 27, 2017
      2. We3_MPO
        About an hour from Nashville.
        Mar 4, 2017
      3. ShadyShannon
        East or west? I was about 2 from Nashville, maybe 45 minutes from Chattanooga.
        Mar 5, 2017
    12. We3_10AC
      Remember, it's best not to show trolls any public attention. It's also a good idea to accept everyone and not interfere with how they live.
    13. We3_10AC
      Please, why can't we all get along & accept each other?
      1. PetezzaDawg
        Wise words indeed
        Dec 20, 2016
    14. We3_10AC
      Apologies to Jackson, TN for recent shooting. The victims did not deserve that. I hope the injured recover.
    15. We3_10AC
      Beware of duplication bugs and chunks not loading properly. Both of these have happened at my outpost recently. The devs are aware.
    16. We3_10AC
      Found out about the train crash yesterday. Apologies go out to NJ and NYC for the 3+ killed and 100+ injured.
      1. Tigerstar
        Apologies o-0 Did you do it or something? :P
        Feb 1, 2017
      2. We3_10AC
        No. And it was an accident.
        Feb 27, 2017
    17. We3_MPO
      Busy IRL lately, but will be back in a month or so.
    18. ChickenDice
      Small world, I'm from TN (Outside of Nashville) too...
    19. We3_10AC
      One year on forums! Time really flies when you're having fun! :D
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      2. Sgt_Pepper4
        Sgt_Pepper4 likes this.
        Apr 18, 2016
    20. We3_10AC
      I had way more fun than I thought I would on my trip to Dallas, TX! I missed EMC and my dog, but I am back. <3
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    I am formerly We3Mosses, We3nub, WE3NUB, We3_Nub_

    Wild base thread: emc.gs/t/63120/


    smp6 or the U.S.A. - Tennessee
    Hello, fellow EMC players. The below info shows everything you need to know about me.

    I am a founder of the Minecraft Paradise Outpost on SMP6. That is where I spend most of my time on EMC. We mainly specialize in building, but we also try to make our transportation systems better than you'd find most other places and have farms to obtain various items. We have a very organized democracy. If you would like to join, PM me. Make sure you check often for an application, but keep in mind that it may be a while and that you're not guaranteed to get accepted.

    I have various hobbies in real life, as well. They include roads, crafting, partying, watersheds, studying maps, and 4wheeling. I even live on a 170+ acre farm where we have 4wheeling trails and some creeks and springs. The property owners, my parents, and I enjoy what we have, and we always try to think about what we can do to improve even more. :cool:

    I have two Jack Russell Terriers, which are sisters from the same litter. They are so smart and the best dogs ever! One of them has truly stolen my heart. They get along very well too, and know a younger, bigger Border Collie mix that lives with my grandmother nearby. He is very playful. :eek:

    I do play other games, too. They include, but aren't limited to, SimCity 2013 and Cities:Skylines. I have the "cities of tomorrow" expansion pack for SimCity. I also play Far Cry 3 and Portal 2, but not as often. The only multiplayer server on a game I currently play on is EMC, because most others seem like they're not interesting, too small, or not good servers for my kind of person. :oops:

    I am also a person on the autism spectrum. I was diagnosed when I was only two, and am very lucky compared to most autistic people. I would like to tell you all, as someone living with it, that it can be hard, but isn't always extreme. If you would like to know more about Autism, there is a documentary called Autism in Love. I recommend it, because the words are from 4 people living with it and their families. Coincidentally, April 2nd is both my mother's birthday and Autism Awareness Day. If you are in the People With Disabilities category too, or just want to talk, feel free to PM me. No rude comments please!