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Sep 22, 2016
Jul 2, 2012
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Hi, that is the only word wanting to be said xd. Jul 3, 2016

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Sep 22, 2016
    1. Thehotwildfire
      Hi, that is the only word wanting to be said xd.
    2. Thehotwildfire
      And i'm back! This time i changed just a bit more and i got a bit better at buisness! xD, cya for now!
    3. Thehotwildfire
      I'm gona take a small break for all of those that're wondering why i'm gone. Cya for now xD.
    4. Thehotwildfire
      Ahh, coming back lightly, enjoy.
    5. Thehotwildfire
      Want to see me on the servers? Go ahead take a look at smp1, it doesn;t have a pond though. XD
    6. Thehotwildfire
      Yeah, i'm new but you already knew. I'm not new to minecraft but to this website, but i couldn;t care less. Yeah, i'm out but not forever.
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    ...I suppose the point of me writing this, is to describe myself in a short paragraph. However, I find others to describe me better.

    I suppose that I prefer to be nice to others. Along with that, I own shops that are themed to specific ideas. Survival is my, " cup of tea ". I try player versus player games sometimes, yet I tend to either rage or become annoyed by the people around me during PvP matches. Enjoy the day, hour, and life. Until I become inactive, expect me to be around the first server.