Jun 2, 2018
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Left for half a day, come back to still foods and very confusing moments. Nice. And only two of my friends are on. Cool, back to cleaning my computer up and seeing if I can find what's chewing up the RAM in the background.... Oct 16, 2019 at 6:10 PM

    1. Sadie_Dragon
      Just under 7 hours on the contest.... Good luck to all, and I look forward to seeing who the winners are. Last i heard, there wasn't too much competition, but still! I'm sure there's some amazing pieces waiting for us to read.
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    2. Sadie_Dragon
      I'm in no good mood, may not be around much anymore...
    3. Sadie_Dragon
      *nnnnowwwwwwbeerrgghhfffffff* OI SHUT UP SEMIS for THREE hours I have to hear that nonstop... if ya gonna have a hotel FIVE STEPS FROM A HIGHWAY please oh please just ***soundproof*** it before you tick people off...
      1. TomvanWijnen
        lol, that's why you don't go to hotels directly next to the highway, always first look if there's something between the hotel and the highway on google streetview or so. :P
        Sep 29, 2018
    4. Sadie_Dragon
      What sorry excuse is this for a hotel that scored a 100. What sorry excuse?! *thorns bristling* grrr I want out.
    5. Sadie_Dragon
      On the road again! lol
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      2. Sadie_Dragon
        Just under an hour to destination, and man are my ears ringing like all get out on these hills...
        Sep 28, 2018
    6. Sadie_Dragon
      I always ignore cookie policy banners.... Anyway, tonight and tomorrow I may be offline. Going to Knox tonight, then college visit tomorrow, go home.
    7. Sadie_Dragon
      I'm coming home from all the places I've been, with nothing but a voice within that calls me home.... ("Calls Me Home" by Shannon LaBrie) Beautiful song.
    8. Sadie_Dragon
      *wings broken, I slam into the ground and curl up*
    9. Sadie_Dragon
      *squeal* Last day until I spread my wings for a bit, even if I still have a leash! I don't know which is strongest, fear, anxiety, excitement, I don't even know! Maybe excitement? *grinning*
    10. Sadie_Dragon
      I'm more well-versed in my career path's needs than mom... that shows you I am the first in my whole family to venture this path... From military, to radio DJs, to barbers... To a vet and someone who could care less... xD (that's a rough explanation of the family careers..)
      1. Sadie_Dragon
        Context: "Hey mom, you know UT Knox also has a vet college branch?" *her: ........ No....*
        Sep 25, 2018
    11. Sadie_Dragon
      Heaven if you sent us down so we could build a playground, for the sinners to play as saints, you'd be so proud of what we made. (Crossfire- Stephen)
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    12. Sadie_Dragon
      7 pm: wooooo I finished my homework, time for a break. (con)
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      2. Sadie_Dragon
        then ten minutes before legit bed as I get back from the restroom: OneDrive's been down all weekend, not properly saving
        Me: Ok ii don't wanna even think right now.... *unburies the rough drafts* i'll type up what I have in the morning...
        Sep 24, 2018
    13. Sadie_Dragon
      Finally, all projects are done... But stress, grief, and anxiety are being a jerk... I've lost so much the past month, and I don't know of any real reason to be on tomorrow more than a couple of people I *have* to keep in touch with.. *shrug*
    14. Sadie_Dragon
      *chrome randomly updates, I don't notice, then it hits me* oh gosh my eyes, do I have night vision on? Oh I do, ok that's too bright, tone it down, chrome.... Good grief....
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      2. Sadie_Dragon
        how do I get to dark youtube, i did it once, I need it again, bad, i can't stand youtube, too white, too bright... halp...
        Sep 20, 2018
    15. Sadie_Dragon
      "How was your day?" *dragon huffs steam in face* "Never mind, I'll leave you be."
    16. Sadie_Dragon
      Worked until five hours past preferred curfew, fell asleep, woke up an hour later, closed the computer and rolled over, woke up three hours later to the groupmates screaming at me... uhm, scuse me, i'm trying. you isn't. *anger and sleepy*
    17. Sadie_Dragon
      *waits until my bedtime for the slowpokes, then my dragon is clear as I sit up and start crunching away*
      1. Sadie_Dragon
        I AM DONE. I refuse to do anymore!
        Sep 19, 2018
    18. Sadie_Dragon
      *stress* EVERYTHING IS DUE TOMORROW!! AAAAAAAAAAA! *hope* I have 1 week and a day tomorrow to a trip I've been looking forward to since the end of August! WOOOOOO! *down* Aww, that's so far away.... *slaps my group mates to send me their work again*
    19. Sadie_Dragon
      "I need 10 people to sign up for the elementary kid reading. Sadie, who else?" (didn't even raise my hand) Welp. that's an official voluntold... please send me help- I don't like small children! And I don't speak loudly!
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      3. MoreMoople
        I would totally do that for you lol. Good luck!
        Sep 18, 2018
      4. Sadie_Dragon
        Blegh, I could use practice... but I doubt I'll actually get time before then... *grumbles*
        Sep 18, 2018
      5. Sadie_Dragon
        Also: voluntold is your teacher volunteers you in a way that is basically telling you you *are* doing it whether or not you want to. (Happens a lot to me) (and isn't the same as ordering)
        Sep 18, 2018
    20. Sadie_Dragon
      I agree with pegs... most of what I see is just something about the freedom of the link now...
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