Jul 26, 2011
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Sorry everyone, because of volume I had to stop accepting personal messages on the site :(. You may message any other staff member :) Apr 30, 2012

    1. Beatsbymymom
      this icecreamcow guy told me to stop spaming which i did not do and i responded that is not spaming bro and one minute later it said banned for 23 hours for additude
      1. kyllingman2
        So wait 23 hours, or submit an un-ban appeal?
        Apr 7, 2012
      2. Beatsbymymom
        What's a ban appeal
        Apr 7, 2012
      3. kyllingman2
        You appeal your ban in hope for it to be accepted, and you un-baned :). Send your ban appeal to a staff member.
        Apr 7, 2012
    2. PoroMilk
      can u un ban me i did nothing
      1. kyllingman2
        This isn't the way you make an un-ban appeal. Read Justin's status right below his name :).
        Apr 7, 2012
    3. omgitsme879
      hay i got band for a dumb resaon i was joking around and i got band
      1. kyllingman2
        So submit an un-ban appeal maybe?
        Apr 7, 2012
    4. papoose1118
      but i had bought new ones but he owes me 750r
      1. JustinGuy
        It is your responsibility to manage permissions in Town. Just don't give permissions to people :)
        Apr 6, 2012
    5. papoose1118
      he had a build permission
    6. Equinox_Boss
      Nice profile pic :)
    7. Maxarias
      You currently have 37 pages on your profile page... 37 pages states that your awesomeness is showing. =O
      1. jackomighty likes this.
    8. fishy417
      um and if i was banned permanatlly can i give my rupees to a freind?
      1. JustinGuy
        Apr 6, 2012
      2. fishy417
        Apr 6, 2012
    9. fishy417
      how do i contact u justinguy because i was told to by a moderator or can u contact me
    10. just_five_fun
      Justin, I love the new teleport options and it got me thinking. Could you make shop signs activate redstone devices? This would open up lots of options for rides, shops, attractions, counters and other things i have not yet imagined. I really enjoy the community here. I hope this redstone mod can come to pass and thanks for all your hard work. Thanks, Paul
      1. audrey455 likes this.
      2. JustinGuy
        This is requested often and we are thinking of the best way to do it and also protect players from scammers.
        Apr 6, 2012
    11. TheMeeper
      Hey Justin,
      I'm going to (hopefully) open a large shop soon and it would be spectacular if you come by and let me know what you think of it and if there's any advice you have? When you can SMP4, 9117!
    12. Cait1bh
      hey JustinGuy! I had a quick question... What bug were you fixing on the EMC servers? Ohh and btw Fishy417, ban appeals or ban referals aren't supposed to be placed on JustinGuy's page =) just wanted you to know
      Btw I love ur res JustinGuy in Smp1 =)
    13. mattt93
      Hi JustinGuy,
      I was just wondering how you made the residences and the plugins you use because Empire Minecraft is my favorite server. And hundreds of people love your Server also. Could you please respond to me at
      Matthew Goodman
    14. roblikescake
      Hello sir, may we chat via Skype? I would like to privately discuss possibilities of a newer, more player run economy that functions much better and smoother than your current economy. I promise you, if I get the okay from you first, I will make a post getting user support and then begin construction.

    15. papoose1118
      i was playing and bubby2005 showed and stole my cats and i got so mad i cussed... then i was banned for one hour and now im pretty sure i have nothing left. PLEASE HELP ME!!!
      1. JustinGuy
        How did he steal your cats?
        Apr 5, 2012
    16. jjsizzle
      How long kuramaishda been on cause if he havent been on for a while then can you delete his plot so i can get it?
      1. jjsizzle
        kuramaishda's plot is on smp2 3455
        Apr 5, 2012
    17. Cait1bh
      Wait, like pressure plate teleporters? Im an expert at thoese =) First you find your destinated location for teleporting, then you go to the area were you would like to teleport from, and lastly you put a teleport sign exactly one block under the pressure plate!
      Hope I helped! More information is on the Empire Minecraft sight!
      Cait1bh =)
      1. phantom11 and joenmb like this.
      2. joenmb
        Thanks Cait1bh! You had helped me a lot! You should fill out an application to be a moderator
        Apr 5, 2012
      3. phantom11
        Yeah, thanks... This information had helped my friend a bunch
        Apr 5, 2012
      4. Cait1bh
        No problem! I love to help =)
        Apr 5, 2012
    18. MrRampageCrew
      Hey umm can you please help me with my spawner... i have made the pads 44x4 and theres 2 of them but id get like 3 spawns... is something up with the server so they cant spawn?
      please help
      1. JustinGuy
        Spawning in MC is dependent on several things, including how many mobs are in the area, load, etc. Sorry nothing I can do to change it easily.
        Apr 5, 2012
      2. MrRampageCrew
        Ok just wondering cause its a Y high one so it has no effect with ground spawns :P
        Apr 5, 2012
    19. xbox360redbull
      Justin could u have a look at my shop on SMP5 10705 thanks :)
    20. kkirigaya_
      hey justinguy!! you're probably not reading this in the clutter of messages on this, but i want to ask two things:
      1. is it possible to make the empire shop buy items (players sell their items for rupees)
      2. can you make a command that lets players have hostile mobs in their res (if they walk out they get pushed back in/despawn)

      1. ditilwick
        No they made it so you couldn't sell to the EMC shop.
        I've tried asking this and it's most likely a no.It would probably end in disaster.So there smart not to do this.
        Hope this helped you with you're questions:).
        Apr 4, 2012
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