Jul 26, 2011
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Sorry everyone, because of volume I had to stop accepting personal messages on the site :(. You may message any other staff member :) Apr 30, 2012

    1. Cait1bh
      Hey Justin Guy! I just wanted to ask anyone in Minecraft to PM me if you need any help with anything =) And the reason why im posting this on your wall Justin is because I guess a bunch of people read it!
      Ask anything, I bet ill solve your question..
      1. JustinGuy likes this.
    2. nrb1234
      My birthday is april 13 !!!!!!!! Im Turning 18 YAYAYAYAAY
      1. ditilwick and JustinGuy like this.
      2. ditilwick
        Wow 2 days before mine.;)
        Apr 4, 2012
    3. ditilwick
      Hey just a heads up a brand new update came out for minecraft today.
      1. JustinGuy
        Yup we were already ready for it :) thanks
        Apr 4, 2012
      2. ditilwick
        Sweet now I can update.:-D
        Apr 4, 2012
    4. pietdagamer
      Could you make mobspawners unbreakeble? Mobspawners get griefed so much.... :(
    5. reesethebeast12
      can i become a modorator or admin please it would make me so happy from reesethebeast12 :)
      1. XxBoWnZxX666
        There is an application process, if he gave mod to every person who asked.... If you would like to help the server out, apply to be a mod, if they find you worthy, then so be it, but spamming their wall and asking for it, doesn't work.
        Apr 3, 2012
    6. reesethebeast12
      can you ban kungfuhl for repeating the f word we asked him to stop but he kept doing it more and more
      1. XxBoWnZxX666
        Use /report [name] [reason] if someone is doing this
        Apr 3, 2012
      2. mugatu1994
        Also screenshots
        Apr 4, 2012
      3. XxBoWnZxX666
        Screenshots for chat offences aren't needed, they log all chat. Even private messages ;)
        Apr 4, 2012
    7. tclementi1
      how do we make a forum?
      1. mugatu1994
        You can only make topics. You can't make new sections. Just click the new topic at the top of the page when your in the section you want to post in
        Apr 4, 2012
    8. duke8
      Thanks for the teleporters they are awesome
    9. nothinged
      so until then can yo makesure my property isnt deleted iv been trying to get on the server but i guess the internet here wont let me? Anyway really missin the empire watch over my house :3
    10. nothinged
      I shouldnt be out for more than 11 days
    11. migueldemesa
      justinguy a mob spawner got griefed in the wild why why the horror and it was usable to everyone
      can u find out the guy who did it ??? thank u =)
    12. ditilwick
      All I have to say is you guys pulled some funny things on the servers for April fools day................And I loved it :D Hi five to you guys and who ever came up with that idea.:)
      1. JustinGuy likes this.
    13. 1Achmed1
      Made 100 posts and I'm still not an Active Member! Grr! *yells for that reason*
      1. mugatu1994
        I think it might also be based on time in EMC. Im wondering when ill be a well-known member
        Apr 4, 2012
    14. 1Achmed1
      My skin is in honor to EMC and I might make a download for it on MediaFire :)
    15. XidarJD
      can you add a thing were you can sell your things to the sever like a diamond pic can be 100r and cibble can be 2cobble for 1r? plz awnser

      XidarJD :)
    16. nothinged
      Hello JustinGuy im from smp3 res#7336 i may be out of town for a while so i have a huge favor to ask you can you make sure my property doesn't get deleted thank you.
    17. pop0924
      justin guy y can i not use the vault in the wild anymore i used to be able to and now it cost me money
      1. kola321
        The free/wilderness vault was for only the week of the reset.
        You now cannot open a vault in wild or open it for free.
        Apr 2, 2012
      2. pop0924
        thats stupid
        they should let suppores have what it used to be
        Apr 3, 2012
    18. yobunch132
      well i got banned by some emo kids for talking????? it was for two hours so i just played the yogbox
    19. migueldemesa
      Justinguy .............hi
    20. mattdaspak
      Loving the fact you have more site likes than posts. Your loved Justin ! ;)
      1. kyllingman2 likes this.
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