Jul 26, 2011
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Sorry everyone, because of volume I had to stop accepting personal messages on the site :(. You may message any other staff member :) Apr 30, 2012

    1. Maksym2444
      name of coversation is My new res
    2. Maksym2444
      Hey Justin I saw ur serv & its awesome! Me & toboy1 Are making the Sears tower aka Tallest building in the US.
      Me & toboy Agree that I should be able to give perms to other players to build or use or the other flags ther is. Thx
      plz contact me & toboy1 on or conversation.
      1. JustinGuy likes this.
      2. MR2R2M
        Yea, I have always thought that a flag that allows others to change the flags on the res would be a great and welcome addition to the flag commands.
        Apr 19, 2012
    3. KPEER
      COMGRATS ON HITTING 30,000 MEMBERS!!!! i'm proud to be 1 of them!
      1. Mirr0rr likes this.
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      3. KPEER
        Just wait until you hit 40,000.
        Apr 17, 2012
      4. KPEER
        and if you need help making any of the EMC Help videos, I would be honored to help out.
        Apr 17, 2012
      5. samtheboo
        Me too!
        Apr 20, 2012
    4. Kuzi33
      JustinGuy I was wondering if I can have more than one property thanks.
      1. JustinGuy
        Apr 17, 2012
    5. rangerboy139
      justin guy can u tell edmunwayne to unban me i did nothing someone lied
    6. lolojosholol
      justinguy i have been banned and empireminecraft was too and he has a membership can you please unbann him or send 20$ back
    7. Cait1bh
      JustinGuy I love your picture with the baby creeper, were did you get it?
    8. rangerboy139
      if my form is accepted will i be unbanned
    9. rangerboy139
      how do u do private
    10. rangerboy139
      hey justin guy can you tell edmunwayne to take my ban away i did nothing i swear
      1. baseballfan54 likes this.
    11. rainbowman32
      Justinguy If I become a supported what do u use the money for.
      1. JustinGuy
        All the money raised by the server goes back into the community. Paying for monthly hosting fees as well as adding new servers :)
        Apr 17, 2012
    12. remyparren
      Yo Can u help me change my day of birth >>>

      it sayes > Apr 4, 1989 It need to be apr 25 1989

      if u see my facebook u know i am not a scam
    13. bmanocha
      hi i was just wondering if u could make a mod ex. /worth and it tell u how much aprx. the item costs
      1. audrey455 likes this.
    14. Spackthemonkey
      hello i was wondering when i came out of the end a couple of days ago it suffocated me inside some blocks, i thought that was a one off but luckily i was able to retrieve my items, but today after coming out of the end portal it sent me into the void does the end not send you back to your last spawn point or just random spots on the map?
    15. Bransonb3
      Can you give a list of allowed mods? ,Branson
      1. jonions
        Apr 15, 2012
      2. Bransonb3
        Apr 15, 2012
    16. survivor78910
      crazy1080 or something kicked me and made me loose all my stuff, then banned me for complaining to give it back i just payed for the membership today
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      2. jkjkjk182
        Dont worry, in 8233 days you can come back:)
        Apr 15, 2012
      3. survivor78910
        Apr 15, 2012
      4. survivor78910
        justin i sent you a message please read it and respond as soon as possible
        Apr 15, 2012
    17. razorbhunter
      justin me and my group of 7 built a superstructure for public use and concerned about public dismantling wondering if you could world-guard it or similar me and my group would appreciate it alot i will ask ingame when and if i catch you around with more details
      1. fluffinator09
        Justin does not worldguard anything. If he did the entire map would probably be worldguarded by now. If your concerned about griefers have people watch it.
        Apr 15, 2012
    18. Stalkingninja
      i was wondering if you could grow nether wart in the town (cause that would be SWEET) an answer would be appreciated :)
      1. autumnrain26
        Netherwart will only grow in the Hell biome. I have a netherwart farm on my res in smp6 and they just sit there. I have to go into the nether and dig underground to hide my patches to grow netherwart.
        Apr 14, 2012
    19. shade554
      Hi justin there was a huge problem when i came back from the wild today i went on my res and saw holes in the pirate ship i then checked the chest and i was missing 2 stacks of iron 40 diamonds and diamond picks and swords. i don't know what happened and maybe you can help me out some how. Thanks
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      2. shade554
        justin i came back to town and saw holes in my pirate ship on my town res and i looked at the chest and stuff was missing
        Apr 14, 2012
      3. JustinGuy
        Oh sorry I misunderstood, who did you give permissions to? In Town it is the player responsibility to protect their things ;)
        Apr 14, 2012
      4. shade554
        there is only to people on my res who has container perms
        Apr 14, 2012
    20. Jennypoo10
      Hi Justin, o: I'm really scared that my plot will get reset in a few days because I can't get my minecraft to work. I've asked for help in the help/support section, but no one seems to know how to fix it. How can I stop my minecraft from freezing when its trying to load to the "mojang" screen? and How do I make it so that my plot 3959 on smp2 doesn't get erased because I can't get my minecraft to work. Please help :<
      1. JustinGuy
        Looks like you got on ok :)
        Apr 14, 2012
      2. Jennypoo10
        It works now Justin :D! Tehwafflez helped me fix my computer settings and java and stuff for it to load.
        Apr 14, 2012
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