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Mar 25, 2022
Aug 2, 2014
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you know, the place with all the spiders

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Esteemed Member, Female, from you know, the place with all the spiders

hoo o boy i just finished my exams,, 7 one hour or two hour long ones in one week im dead Nov 3, 2016

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Mar 25, 2022
    1. 607
      Hey. :)
    2. Kryarias
      Do you still play?
    3. We3_MPO
      I like your signature and profile pic! You may want to see my signature and Echelon815's signature (and I'm in the LGBT as well).
    4. Abigal3_
      you are from 1 crazy place
    5. BCR_
      hoo o boy i just finished my exams,, 7 one hour or two hour long ones in one week im dead
    6. BCR_
      lmao i know i havent been on at all,,, but just here to say ive walked over 80km for pokemon go!! team instinct it a+++
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      2. ChespinLover77
        Lol I went on a bike ride the other day, the park about .9 km away had lure modules up so I rode around there and there was this one group of kidz who were so funny. Kept going crazy over pidgeys and pronounced the teams wrong. Insect, Mystical, and Valet XD
        Jul 30, 2016
      3. cj12115
        waaaaaaiiiiiit! :P check the recent news in your pms xP
        is there a way you could get online soon? its regarding the horse coop
        Jul 30, 2016
      4. ChespinLover77
        Mystic 4 lyfe
        Jul 31, 2016
    7. BCR_
      My support is with all those in the LGBT+ community who have been made to feel afraid for being who they are, especially in pride month xx
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      2. We3_MPO
        I just saw this, but I heard about 6/11 when it happened. It was awful, plus I'm an LGBT myself which makes it feel even more awful for someone like me. :(
        Dec 5, 2017
    8. 607
      Why did you change your name?
      1. BCR_
        haha it's an inside joke between a friend and I (she has a matching one) so we decided to change our names for a little while :)
        Feb 26, 2016
    9. BCR_
      I'm taking a break from EMC for a while to focus on irl things - hopefully I'll be active again in the future though :)
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    10. CoffeeAffinity
      :) hey BCR! How's stuff been? Has EMC been going good?
      1. CoffeeAffinity
        Oh and one thing, you should really have a chat with DrMadFate, he apparently got a horse with speed 48!
        Jan 27, 2016
    11. BCR_
      I went to the Troye Sivan concert last night and we got front row in the mosh pit! He touched my hand like 4 times and i've lost my voice
    12. BCR_
      I have my Awards Night tonight for school and I'm nervous :o
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      2. MrsWishes
        I hope you win all of them! :D
        Dec 15, 2015
    13. BCR_
      Troye Sivan's new album 'Blue Neighbourhood' came out, and its sooo good aaah
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    14. BCR_
      Last day of school tomorrow, finally!
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    15. BCR_
      My thoughts are with everyone in France, I hope everyone stays safe
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    16. BCR_
      I'm going to a Troye Sivan concert in a few days, I can't wait!! :)
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    17. CoffeeAffinity
      Heeey! Nice to see you online! How's breeding been going?
      1. BCR_
        Hey :) Haven't been breeding much, but how about you?
        Nov 3, 2015
      2. CoffeeAffinity
        I've been doing good, but I definately could be doing better. If you want to see my current situation, go ahead and look at the comments on my profile.
        Nov 3, 2015
    18. SkareCboi
      Bump :)
      1. BCR likes this.
    19. BCR_
      I changed my username to BCR, it's simple and what most people ingame (at least on smp6) call me, plus it's more recognizable to my old name
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      2. SkareCboi
        BabyCreepersRule is back =P
        Sep 23, 2015
      3. RainbowPony
        BCR BCR BCR BCR!
        Sep 24, 2015
      4. Gibabyte
        That's short for Brief Constructed Response... *shudders*
        Oct 28, 2015
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    you know, the place with all the spiders