[Unofficial Debate] Wild Reset

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by SecretAznEks, Jun 20, 2012.


To reset or not to reset? Remember to READ.

Yes, I want the reset. 36 vote(s) 30.8%
No, I don't want the reset. 81 vote(s) 69.2%
  1. jkjkjk182 Elite Member

    We could do the "I have read the material" check with just two options, then it takes you to the poll. People would lie about reading it all, but we would be able to put the info before the poll. Of course not everyone would lie, but there are some that would. I believe a check like would help a little
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  2. Manglex Well-Known Member

    Ok, I haven't said anything on this thread because either way, I am fine with what happens with the wild.

    I do want to say however, that you have made some AMAZING points Melody and have even persuaded my opinion a little. So don't let what they're saying bother you too much.:)
  3. melodytune Well-Known Member

    Thank you. :)
  4. Aikar Owner & Lead Dev
    Elite Member

    But that problem is easily solved with a PRA reset... no need for a full :)
    The PRA really needs to be automated... and I will work with justin to find out how easily can we do that.
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  5. melodytune Well-Known Member

    That is what I have been saying :p
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  6. Aikar Owner & Lead Dev
    Elite Member

    sorry the post just sounds like your saying we need a full reset to accomplish that :p

    Talking to justin right now.. main issue atm with PRA is it locks things up for a bit doing a reset, so were talking about alternative ways to do it that wouldnt lock it up.
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  7. melodytune Well-Known Member

    Mostly my idea was to make the PRA a lot larger. and reset it - say once every other week/once a month.
  8. oidking Well-Known Member

    wow just wow
  9. zulu9 Distinguished Member

    Yup. We got a bit busy with the recent griefer spike and making the outpost a bit more creeper safe. but here is the idea:

    We have a group of members that will use mainly dirt to fill up the ugliest and most dangerous holes and / make dirt bridges. Dirt won't hopefully not get griefed so badly as there is usually free in town. Also saplings might grow to get some trees (those will get griefed of course lol). If grass grows on it is even kinda pretty ;)
    We have many members that travel often between wild and town.
    We will start soon and test this out on smp7. Maybe there will be other groups trying the same on other smps to see if it works. We will probably make a new thread with our experiences once we get it started.
  10. autumnrain26 Distinguished Member

    So just because everyone seems so deadset on resetting the wild for books and villages made out sandstone, not to mention an ore that no one will be able to find I have abandoned most of my outposts in the smp servers (not including utopia).. If you can find them you can you can have whatever I left behind.
  11. melodytune Well-Known Member

    Boy aren't you gonna feel silly if there is no reset. :p
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  12. autumnrain26 Distinguished Member

    No, because I am quitting my job as a merchant and wont be going into the wild because of the children whom insist on resetting the wild every 5 seconds.
  13. DangerousPopcorn Well-Known Member

    i've just finished my spawner...
  14. Call_Me_DeJaja Prominent Member

    Well, as you pointed out mutliple times, the wild will eventually get reset, even if its not for this update, so autum is just ahead of the game. Because, you know, like you said, the wild is not safe to build in and all that...
  15. SecretAznEks Distinguished Member

    First of all, the guy comes in saying that every single post before him was a load of piss. And she did not ignore his argument, she actually responded to pretty much eah and every point that was made.
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  16. Joshyy Distinguished Member

    Slaying? I really think the right work should be a counter argument against everything posted. Which as everyone's shown is actually a really good counter argument.
  17. SecretAznEks Distinguished Member

    Wow, what a counter-argument! Not insulting at all!
  18. Joshyy Distinguished Member

    If you then read the rest of the post, You would see :)

    EDIT, I see what you mean, Your replying to an earlier post. Read this one
    Click the up arrow.
  19. SecretAznEks Distinguished Member

    Ok, that makes a little more sense.
  20. Rhythmically Gold Supporter
    Elite Member

    I say no, because EVENthough I've been SUPER excited for desert/jungle temples, cocoa plants, ender chests, and so on, BeKaLuSa has very generously let me use his exp grinder, and I'd HATE to see that reset. And if i want the new wild stuff, i could just go to SSP.

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