The 'I Live In The Wild' Thread

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by bitfed, Jan 30, 2012.

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  1. Racialslur Member

    I don't think we need a leader if we're going to be a federation; but a universal spokesperson for these strings of communities might be a good idea.
    Also, if the wild is reset, maybe we can envelope ourselves in our own projects and communities but have them all in a relative location; if two small communities want to expand their towns and connect, you can make for one large city. I think this would let people do their own thing while being part of a larger community.
  2. Ryukk132 Well-Known Member

    This is what we are kind of leaning towards, not being one massive town, Colonies perhaps? :p
  3. bitfed Active Member

    It's like you read my mind. :rolleyes:
  4. XxBoWnZxX666 Active Member

    We should start this Federation and make a new Thread for it, for now I do like having executives though, Communism doesnt work well with large groups, I'm more socialist and liberal than anything, A government of players, for the players, I just liked being called king at my place so I felt important xD, and cuz I had a castle and gold parade armour. :)
  5. Mrlegitislegit Elite Member

    I already made something like it!
  6. Mrlegitislegit Elite Member

    • Which server you have your wild camp on SMP3
    • Type of Biome you prefer to live in Forest, since it has lots of wood and has good cave systems.
    • If you live alone/with others With others.
    • Why you prefer to live in the wilderness Its more fun, no spam.
    • Pictures! [IMG]
    • What kind of things you prefer to do for fun or profit Both!
    • Tell us what you've accomplished or what kind of project you are working on Nothing ATM
    • Anti-griefing strategies you utilize Will be a wall.
  7. Racialslur Member

    100% correct. Therefore, I suggest we implement a strict and harsh regime in which we forge our citizens into tools of war and we can have something know..a leader who controls it all! And-and-and, he can have unlimited control over us too!
    You know, a great man once said that a dictatorship would work fine--so long as I'm the dictator!
  8. XxBoWnZxX666 Active Member

    War isn't allowed in EMC (; also that's not really what I meant, liberalism and Socialism as in Democracy. We have everyone vote several reps. in and then they work out the decision making process, not for the good of the reps. but for the good of the people.
  9. Racialslur Member

    Oh no no no, I wasn't attacking you or even trying to make a political stance
    I just want to be dictator.
  10. XxBoWnZxX666 Active Member

  11. bitfed Active Member

    I'm working on a website with forums/profiles/etc for the federation. It will take about a week or so, as I'm working on the website for Newland as well.
  12. apamment Prominent Member

    i'm a bit lost. this federation, is it for wilderness communities that are bunched up together? or for wilderness communities everywhere?
  13. bitfed Active Member

    Everywhere. I think it will help all of us to be able to share information and strategies with other people we know who have the same worries and goals as us.

    It would be nice to have an 'international' community where we can come visit and inspire each other as well.

    We're part of an Empire, let's start acting like it. :)
  14. tshack235 Well-Known Member

    i hope that these all stay un-greifed
  15. Ryukk132 Well-Known Member

    Just have to be careful who we get :)
  16. apamment Prominent Member

    They probably will eventually. some idiot will probably make it his personal mission. but what's the point of playing multiplayer if you're too scared to build because it will get griefed.
  17. tshack235 Well-Known Member

    ......... i stand corrected.......
  18. apamment Prominent Member

    i'm not sure what made you think i was correcting you?
  19. XxBoWnZxX666 Active Member

    Well.... I was greifed today, this morning by what someone told me, they took a few things, diamond, potions, ect. Didn't wreck anything and only managed to check 2 houses before he filled his INV, I have already re-placed the items and comforted the main affected player.. its unfortunate things like this happen, I have stepped up security by locking even more chests and lent money to the affected player for locks. ):
  20. S_R_L_B Well-Known Member

    • Which server you have your wild camp on : smp5 ;)
    • Type of Biome you prefer to live in : Anything but snow! :confused:
    • If you live alone/with others : With others...
    • Why you prefer to live in the wilderness : So peaceful!!! :D
    • Pictures! You are proud to be rugged enough to build unabashedly in the wilderness, lets see what you've put up! : yeh umm. I just started today! :I
    • What kind of things you prefer to do for fun or profit : Fun all the way!
    • Tell us what you've accomplished or what kind of project you are working on : I have accomplished building a nice house, a farm and a lovely small town mine! Working on... Roads? More houses for my friends! Just prettying up the place!
    • Anti-griefing strategies you utilize : Oh, How I wish I had some strategies! Is anybody getting the hint that I need some? :I
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