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Do you like living in Wilderness?

Yes!!! 56 vote(s) 49.1%
A little 32 vote(s) 28.1%
I don't know 11 vote(s) 9.6%
Nah... 9 vote(s) 7.9%
IT SUCKS 6 vote(s) 5.3%
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  1. Michael_Nolan Prominent Member

  2. Michael_Nolan Prominent Member

    also are we starting now or are we waiting till the server is on minecraft 1.2
  3. AlexHallon New Member

    We are waiting for 1.2 ;)
  4. Michael_Nolan Prominent Member

  5. AlexHallon New Member

    Hmm.. sad... when I made this thread I quickly got you post to join TES, but now we don't get any more :(
  6. Aikar Lead Developer

    note most griefers also use hacks which let them see through walls, and can see the chest hidden in walls...

    You need to lock them if valuable.

    I had some chest hidden in a base, and the base was also hidden with a closed over door. Someone used XRay and dug in all the right spots to get in and steal :(
  7. Brennian Prominent Member

    thats true :p
  8. AlexHallon New Member

    I wish we could get more posts here :(
  9. djozane Well-Known Member

    Thc Alex for making me the Co-Leader of the Gang. Thx alot mate!!!!
  10. djozane Well-Known Member

    should we av our own quarters, like our own rooms. so we do not get mixed up.
  11. djozane Well-Known Member

    1) How long been playing MC? Two Half Years.
    2) How long a Empire Member? 1Month.
    3) Best job is? Miner.
    4) Which job do I want? Miner.
    5) Will I make the Group grow stronger? Yes I will.
    6) Which server mostly on? SMP3.
  12. SoulPunisher Contribution Team
    Elite Member

    1: Since alpha v1.0.14
    2: Since 8th February 2012
    4: No
    5: Advertising
  13. AlexHallon New Member

    Djoz and Soul, I don't even have to check u, I know I can completely trust you.

    Say hi to the new Co-leaders, everyone! :D
  14. Brennian Prominent Member

    Alex im banned for 5 days so if 1.2comes out ill have to wait...
  15. AlexHallon New Member

    Ok Brennian :)

    Btw, why did you get banned?
  16. DufneArc Gold Supporter
    Prominent Member

    1: 1.1 (2 weeks ago)
    2: 1 week and a half
    5: Yes I will!
  17. SilentNinja15 Member

    So we are capable of being on 2 servers cause im on a bog project on smp1 and i can live in both? not that im joining or anything just thought its a good question.i usully just do my shop and projects on smp 1 so yeah...
  18. MEINCRAVTA Prominent Member

    Im banned til saturday too because i had a bad attitude. I didn't understand this because its unfair everyone was undercutting my prices to make a buck. I can still tlk on the forums

    EDIT: Why do the newcomers (not djozane, but soul) get to become co leaders when brenian and me are far more experienced?
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  19. Michael_Nolan Prominent Member

    hai new co-leaders :)
  20. Brennian Prominent Member

    Ya, why?...
    Banned for duplicating glitch on smp6
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