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Do you like living in Wilderness?

Yes!!! 56 vote(s) 49.1%
A little 32 vote(s) 28.1%
I don't know 11 vote(s) 9.6%
Nah... 9 vote(s) 7.9%
IT SUCKS 6 vote(s) 5.3%
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  1. copherfield Well-Known Member

    I want to add also: I'm pretty sorry griefers won this one, let's join to become stronger, and show that we can against them.
  2. Arcaniax Distinguished Member

    i already in you're guild :) i want to be the master in the wild if that's possible :)
  3. Makrom1 Well-Known Member

    Can i be master with him?
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  4. djozane Well-Known Member

    I hate GRIEFERS!!!!!!
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  5. copherfield Well-Known Member

    I will make a long thread explaining all and giving staff positions to people :)
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  6. Arcaniax Distinguished Member

    ok thanks a lot
  7. SoulPunisher Contribution Team
    Elite Member

    If anybody isn't joining Delta Team... Click the Diamond Miners link in my sig. I have plenty of positions for people.
  8. Michael_Nolan Distinguished Member

    how large is delta team and is it different branches?
  9. apamment Prominent Member

    no it wasn't.
  10. copherfield Well-Known Member

  11. MEINCRAVTA Prominent Member

    ill join Delta Team to be a ambassador for the Diamond Miners, because I'm not too committed to any group. Can I get a sig with Delta Team, and then Ambassador?
  12. copherfield Well-Known Member

    Shure MEINCRAVTA i totally like your idea, please apply and follow the point n°5 at :) i will make your sign ASAP
  13. MEINCRAVTA Prominent Member

    Thanks, already posted on that thread AND on the website, Thanks! I put more info on Ambassador on the forum topic
  14. mullethippie96 Well-Known Member

    what we need to do is not make a minecart system make a boat system les potential for grief9ing
  15. MEINCRAVTA Prominent Member

    TES has been out of action for a while now.
  16. AlexHallon New Member

    Just wanna tell all of you guys here that have not listened: T.E.S doesn't exist anymore. :eek:
    Due to Griefers, we ended it.
  17. shaunwhite1982 Diamond Supporter
    Prominent Member

    I will lock this thread as the group is now closed. :)
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