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Discussion in 'Empire Updates' started by IcecreamCow, Jul 3, 2012.

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    One of the perks of being a Gold & Diamond Supporter, as everyone knows is the use of Utopia's wild. It has many perks that can make your mining a bit less stressful, including 24/7 daylight, no hunger damage, and no fall damage. With the 24/7 daylight perk, it made it impossible to set a respawn point using a bed, however. To combat that we made it so you were able to right click a bed anywhere in Utopia wild and it would set the respawn point for you. We've gotten nothing but good feedback from this and decided to extend it to the rest of our SMP servers.

    Currently, you can sleep in a bed at night in the SMPs and it will set the respawn point for you. However, if it's daytime, this isn't possible, as it won't let you lay down until night. Not anymore! If you're any class of supporter on EMC, you're now able to set your respawn point by right clicking a bed, regardless of the time of day.
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    Just to add, we are currently in the process of organizing a bigger EMC programming team (bigger as in not just me ;) ). Looking forward to fixing a lot of bugs and releasing more awesome updates, we have big things planned and we will be able to accomplish more with a bigger team!
  3. Faithcaster Distinguished Member

    Sounds Very Cool!
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  4. Faithcaster Distinguished Member

    Already did it :)
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  5. DogsRNice Prominent Member

    just how big...

    btw but if its night you cant sleep which is good if you are afk
  6. Hoi Elite Member

    AWESOME! Can't wait to try it out!
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  7. nab27 Prominent Member

    I guess I should start using the Utopia wild lol. I can't believe I haven't gone there yet :eek:.
    Anyways, Thank you both! :)
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  8. NurseKilljoy Prominent Member

    Massively big
  9. TheTrufflehunter Distinguished Member

    5th 7th post on this thread and its only 4 minutes old! :eek: good job team justin! ;)
  10. Hoi Elite Member

    Bigger then Jupiter?
  11. DogsRNice Prominent Member

    OMG LIKES FROM ICC AND JUSTINGUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.JPG
    the best perk of all ^
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  12. R0bbieJo Distinguished Member

    Nick and I just headed back out to the wild this afternoon.... this is good to know.... Thanks Guys! :)
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  13. NurseKilljoy Prominent Member

    Jupiter will pale in comparison to the size of this.
  14. hayleycolgan Prominent Member

    Awesome! :)
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  15. Hoi Elite Member

    Oh wow, it's very big then!
  16. gypsyluke77 Member

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  17. DogsRNice Prominent Member

    its as big is the universe
  18. Skilled_Creeper Well-Known Member

    Don't we all?

    custom EMC minecraft launcher with acceptable mods please? :)
  19. SpaceShuttleFan Prominent Member

    Even though this doesn't apply to me, it's great seeing some new features in EMC. Keep up the good work!
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  20. creepincreepers7 Distinguished Member

    This sounds great! To bad I'm not a supporter...yet ;) maybe

    PS: There's no maybe at the end of that... why are you looking for it now?

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