Moderator Application [Updated February 17th, 2012]

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by GameKribJEREMY, Nov 25, 2011.

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  1. GameKribJEREMY Well-Known Member

  2. blockmoon Member

  3. MR2R2M Well-Known Member

    XD I am at work, I am meant to be working, but I wanted to check out what all the notifications on my phone were for :DD
  4. bossbaby Member

    yes I am known to blow up the notifactions when ever I get on Im sorry xD
  5. tshack235 Well-Known Member

    dont worry, i do that too
  6. MR2R2M Well-Known Member

    Thanks, but there is no need to state that you have done so, as I have said in this thread already, "I am sure Jeremy and Justin know when someone has filled out and application" :)
  7. audifan Active Member

  8. GameKribJEREMY Well-Known Member

    I'd like to remind everyone, that the more you talk about wanting to be a mod or "trying to be a mod" isn't a good characteristic of someone who would really make a 'good' mod. :)
  9. tshack235 Well-Known Member

    he would make a really good mod
  10. MR2R2M Well-Known Member

    Thanks guys, but to be honest I am just doing what I have wanted to do all along since being part of the Empire, that is helping the staff, players in any way, shape or form :)

    I have no issues with becoming a moderator... HOWEVER it is up to Jeremy and Justin, if thats the way the cookie crumbles for me then I will take up the role with the utmost respect for the staff, server and players and I will carry out the role with dignity :)

    As always have a great day/ evening :)
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  11. audifan Active Member

    oh great, now your not gunna get mod D:, if you say you want it, justin will never give it to you... jk jk XD
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  12. GameKribDuck Active Member

    Guys don't get your hopes up to high just think how many people put in a application probably somewhere around 600-900, and narrow that down to you, chances are small.
  13. Duck you look naked without diamond supporter wher have you been
  14. MR2R2M Well-Known Member

    I am not saying I want it, I am simply saying it is up to Justin and Jeremy. ;)
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  15. Crazy1080 Well-Known Member

    Should that not be a 'winking' face? ;)
  16. MR2R2M Well-Known Member

    Done :D
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  17. Crazy1080 Well-Known Member

    Then you have success.
  18. raisinator Member

    Best of luck I hope you get to become a mod!
  19. Crazy1080 Well-Known Member

    I'm surprised he isn't one already. But he already knew that.
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  20. IPwnCreeps Well-Known Member

    Can someone please post the actual url adress so i can copy and paste it into my web browser. my compoter doesnt open link buttons >.<
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