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Nov 16, 2011
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Welcome to the club. Mar 28, 2015 at 5:27 PM

Crazy1080 was last seen:
Mar 29, 2015 at 10:15 PM
    1. Crazy1080
      Welcome to the club.
      1. ItsMeMatheus
        You live!
        Mar 28, 2015 at 5:36 PM
      2. Crazy1080
        not really, just around
        Mar 28, 2015 at 5:37 PM
      1. Crazy1080
        u scrad me
        Jan 25, 2015
    2. Crazy1080
      I casually forgot to mention that I've been on EMC for over 3 years now. Oh well.
      1. hashhog3000
        Congrats! :D
        Dec 13, 2014
    3. Crazy1080
      it's cool, I actually have clear direction in my life now. also that means I don't play very much?
      1. hashhog3000 and Jake_bagby like this.
      2. hashhog3000
        We'll miss you, but I'd rather you do well in real life even if it means playing less on EMC. :) Glad you've found a good direction to head in.
        Nov 3, 2014
    4. Hasorko
      I see the crazy is still strong in you. How are you doing mad men?
      1. Crazy1080
        Same as you're doing—other stuff.

        Life is good.
        Sep 16, 2014
      2. Hasorko
    5. Crazy1080
      I made fun of my dream for being so cliche—while I was dreaming. The people in my dream seemed disappointed.
      1. MrUnknownian and princebee like this.
    6. Crazy1080
      It's a good day when you can compare someone's hair to the middle kid in Home Improvement. Bad day for the recipient, I guess.
    7. Crazy1080
      So the only thing I do in-game on this server is build on utopia. I guess that's not happening anymore.
    8. Crazy1080
      Why does everyone have blue text now? I'm still using NMM #6087ff but I might change to #76FAD0. It matches the new pone anyway.
      1. Crazy1080
        Maybe I don't post enough for it to matter.
        Aug 20, 2014
    9. Crazy1080
      EMC needs ContextBot. I just can't understand some of the status updates, with how vague they are.
      1. 607, jkjkjk182 and HylianNinja like this.
      2. battmeghs
        what they need to do, is not limit you so much, i hate having to rework or not even post a status because it just wont fit :'(
        Aug 19, 2014
      3. kuraudochuu
        like a "RECENTLY ON EMC"
        Aug 19, 2014
    10. Crazy1080
      The reality of it is, there is literally no other purpose to a book's cover then for it to be judged.
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      2. Olaf_C
        The soul purpose of a book cover is not necessarily to shove it. You should treat all books equally, though. Twilight looks perfectly okay on the cover, but it is still terrible.
        Aug 16, 2014
      3. Mirr0rr
        Any cover with blood on a white rose is 2fab4me
        Aug 16, 2014
      4. Crazy1080
        Olaf, why would you respond to my profile post before I can respond to my profile post before I go to bed?

        Now it looks like I was replying to you or something.

        The only other purpose I can think of is so your book looks nice on a shelf. Even then, though, people will judge your collection based on the covers therein.
        Aug 16, 2014
    11. Crazy1080
      I love that bug where if you walk next to a fake door it crashes everyone on the server.
      1. slash14459
        What do you mean by "fake door"?
        Aug 14, 2014
      2. Crazy1080
        Doors you can't walk through.

        This isn't a minecraft thing, I just have nowhere else to talk.
        Aug 14, 2014
      3. MrUnknownian
        lel wat
        Dec 5, 2014
    12. Crazy1080
      "Let me list the many ways you are wrong" is the incorrect approach to handling a dissenting opinion. Hopefully this information helps.
      1. Bro_im_infinite and ShadyShannon like this.
    13. Crazy1080
      Ignore the fact that I'm incredibly petty, but I have three less likes than I used to have.
      1. Crazy1080
        Also, two people unfollowed me. Possibly three, unless Faithcaster toggle followed me because of reasons.

        ...and yes, I am incredibly petty. Numbers are important to me.
        Aug 11, 2014
      2. Ultimamaxx
        now you have three more likes and a new follower
        Aug 11, 2014
    14. samsimx
      You haven't changed ponies in a while, Mr. 1080.
      1. Ultimamaxx likes this.
      2. Crazy1080
        Last change was to the Luna avatar I made, and that was on June 29th.

        I haven't made a pony avatar since April, though. Maybe it's time for a change, but I was rocking Lyra for about eight months, and standard (no poni) for about a year.
        Aug 10, 2014
      1. Ultimamaxx likes this.
      2. Crazy1080
        Maybe if I took more chances I'd be happier. Spent more time doing and less time observing.

        I wouldn't be who I am today, though, and I'm not sure if I'd like that.
        Aug 8, 2014
    15. Crazy1080
      Conglaturation !!!
      1. Crazy1080
        You have completed a great...

        ...browser operation?

        Doesn't sound as cool.
        Aug 6, 2014
    16. Crazy1080
      My inability to articulate prevents me from giving praise to the people who deserve it. This problem needs solving.
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      2. eklektoi
        Don't read the incorrect answers, only the correct answers - if you read the incorrect answers... when it's time to actually take the test you'll be thinking 'Oh which one was the right one'... this helps my memory improve. :)
        Aug 2, 2014
      3. eklektoi
        (jeeze these character limits) lol
        Aug 2, 2014
      4. Crazy1080
        this is one of those times where I'd like to say "thank you for taking time to talk to me" but would instead close the window before posting it.
        Aug 2, 2014
    17. Crazy1080
      So there's a blog post about how people aren't obligated to read blog posts.
      1. Olaf_C likes this.
      2. Crazy1080
        if I haven't made it clear enough in the past, I fully support people being aware of the fact that nobody is required to do anything on the internet. You don't have to take umbrage with everything.
        Jul 29, 2014
    18. Crazy1080
      that awkward moment where 52 hours after being told to wait 21 hours you have 18 hours left to wait. It's like windows downloads.
      1. Olaf_C likes this.
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