Mobs back in Town, protect your things! - April Fools 2012

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by JustinGuy, Mar 31, 2012.

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  1. wertu104 Well-Known Member

  2. callumboxer New Member

    i am level 0 and my res is very dark
  3. arsenalad Member

    its a joke hehe
  4. XxBoWnZxX666 Active Member

    its still the 31st cant be a joke it broke all my chests D:
  5. B_Eng_berJ New Member

    This is clearly not an aprils fool,
    1. look at the date of the post, 31.3. 12pm, if mojang is going to do an aprils fool then on april 1. right?
    2. everyone knows that mojang is doing stupid things to mc from time to time (not being able to swim against flowing water; enderman stealing all types of blocks,...)
  6. gemrawke Member

    this is complete bull, i hate notch now, that jerk
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  7. Senapied Member

  8. AlexHallon New Member

    Umm... I don't get if this is joke or not, but..

    If a Joke: Wow, scared me a bit :p
    If not a Joke: ....So, can Creepers explode stuff on our residences? :eek:
  9. B_Eng_berJ New Member

    It is indeed a joke (also my previos post^^)
    you see, why would justin post a pic insted of a link??
    and if you look at notchs twitter page you will not find this 'post'
  10. Liamv3 New Member

    It is just April Fools!!! i weared my pumpkin head and saw no mobs neither an enderman
  11. ICowell New Member

    April Fools!
  12. AlexHallon New Member

    Happy April Fools, everybody!
  13. Squizzel_Boy Distinguished Member

    Its A bit obvious guys :p
  14. Makrom1 Well-Known Member

  15. cube45 Prominent Member

    il test it with a snow golem
  16. cube45 Prominent Member

    yep april fools
  17. MisterScizzo Active Member

    Tomorrow: Posted by JustinGuy, APRIL FOOLS
  18. raenis Well-Known Member

    Of course it's a joke. I mean, let's be logical.

    A) If mobs were really going to be force-enabled by notch, wouldn't he also make it so damage was always enabled as well?
    B) As far as I know, the only mobs that damage or place blocks are creepers and Endermen. An Ender Dragon tunneling under a residence is not likely, nor is it likely for it to build a spire using nether brick. I'm not counting the new zombies breaking doors/windows thing.
    C) If it was some sort of an update, Justin would have mentioned that it was live on the servers, and all the clients would have been made to update as well to connect. This was not the case.
    D) Actual mobs would still be able to be damaged and destroyed, even in town. Mobs that follow you into protected spawn in the wild can still be killed while not damaging you.
    E) Mobs don't throw ender pearls to teleport to places.
    F) If this was some sort of hacking, the mods and admins would have done something about it. Have a little faith.

    All in all, I think this was a lot of fun to watch.
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  19. Liasen Active Member

    If this is not a April joke then we should protest!!!
  20. Liasen Active Member

    I don't allow creepers and endermen and stuff come near my residence or me!
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