Mobs back in Town, protect your things! - April Fools 2012

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by JustinGuy, Mar 31, 2012.

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  1. JustinGuy Original Founder
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    All of this was fake, including the Tweet from Notch. Just having a little fun on April 1st ;). The mobs were all of the staff. I have seen a lot of awesome screenshots and from what I saw this event was a ton of fun. Thanks everyone, and look forward to two new servers tomorrow afternoon!

    Original post:


    I am sorry but we are no longer allowed to disable mobs in Town. Mojang has released an update that blocks our ability to keep monsters from spawning in Town. It seems they don't feel this was the way the game was supposed to be, as seen by this tweet on Notch's (Markus Persson) official Twitter: A few minutes after that Tweet the update was released. Because this is now built into the game, we can't do anything about it :(

    I recommend everyone gets on and makes sure they don't have any dark areas in their res. You might want to also build large walls to keep endermen from wandering on your lots and stealing your precious blocks!
  2. HobbioFabbio New Member

    Will we take damage from the mobs?
  3. JustinGuy Original Founder
    Prominent Member

    Yes the mobs can kill you!
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  4. Mystul Distinguished Member

    Nice :0
  5. iTiamo Member

    Oh god, I need to make a mob trap now.
  6. zulu9 Distinguished Member

    Will the creepers destroy our stuff?
    And can we maybe have free torches or other light sources in the empire shops?
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  7. antoniolovex3 Member

    more xp points atleast
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  8. iTiamo Member

    Yes, they will! Probaly.
  9. USNCaseySmith New Member

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  10. xeriul Member

  11. unsquarable Active Member

    Creepers now explode 10x harder then before.

    Good luck all.
  12. Senapied Member

    Is it possible to make a iron golem now ?
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  13. angangg Member

    is this happening after this update?
  14. vividOptimism Distinguished Member

    That sucks. :(
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  15. mugatu1994 Well-Known Member

    God I hope so
  16. SunnyDayz100 Well-Known Member

    This is bull! DD:
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  17. angangg Member

    when is this happening?
  18. Kells18 Prominent Member

    This is just ridiculous !
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  19. zulu9 Distinguished Member

    I am sure it is a april fools. Made me curious if my home res would survive this.
    Is there a way to get a world file of just my res to experiment with in single player? ;)
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  20. battmeghs Gold Supporter
    Distinguished Member

    today is april first. this better. not be a fool. i hate mobs. imma die! =[
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