Mobs back in Town, protect your things! - April Fools 2012

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by JustinGuy, Mar 31, 2012.

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  1. hOIVS Distinguished Member

    D: So many people believe this. April Fools!
  2. kola321 Member

  3. 1Achmed1 Member

  4. kola321 Member

    So probably and is fake. (Not that I ever thought it was real...)
  5. YOU12MAEC Prominent Member

    They are real! I saw it its right there!
    Yes the Enderdragon. You can see it right there.
  6. 1Achmed1 Member

    Then why didn't you slay it?
  7. Terr Distinguished Member

    I was going off this pic. (Attachment 2162)

  8. MR2R2M Distinguished Member

    Hahaha, it was the 2nd here in NZ Gosh Justin :p
  9. 14wcooley Well-Known Member

    Its a april fools joke! He just enabled them for a day
  10. Terr Distinguished Member

    No it's mods using the mod Mob Disguise and creative mode.
  11. 14wcooley Well-Known Member

    Oh well samE idea
  12. zbalda97 Well-Known Member

    Question: "Can't you just turn the server town setting on peaceful so no monsters spawn or will that effect the wilderness and the nether as well?"
  13. 14wcooley Well-Known Member

  14. zbalda97 Well-Known Member

    That's only if they have been struck by light nigh in a storm and are now a charged creeper. Other wise their just normal. Plus it's very rare to find a charged creeper.
  15. YOU12MAEC Prominent Member

    I tried it flew away.
  16. YOU12MAEC Prominent Member

    I saw one but it blew me up before I could screen shot it.
  17. zbalda97 Well-Known Member

    that's true but there is a possibility he's telling the truth. Also, he posted it before it was April 1,
  18. zbalda97 Well-Known Member

    lol! I saw the boss health pop up on my screen earlier today when I was playing! that must be why!
  19. zbalda97 Well-Known Member

    lol! That's cool. I have never actually seen one my self.
  20. 14wcooley Well-Known Member

    He said himself
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