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  1. spidey329 Well-Known Member

    Hey everyone, i have a small community off of smp2, it is called Minerva if you would like to visit/live there, please contact me. pictures broken, trying to resolve

    Minerva still is a work in progress
    EDIT: this picture is old, will be posting new one soon

    [TO DO LIST]
    Dismantle Mob Spawner
    Clear Area For Grass To Grow
  2. spidey329 Well-Known Member

    we are a small community, only 3 people have come to Minerva yet, we would love for a 4th, 5th 6th 7th etc!
  3. jtc0999 Well-Known Member

    Isn't Minerva a band?
  4. DaJaKoe Contribution Team

    And a Roman goddess.
  5. Biscuitboy5396 Well-Known Member

  6. jtc0999 Well-Known Member


    From assassian's creed!
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  7. spidey329 Well-Known Member

    actually, Minerva is the greek name for the greek goddess Athena, the goddess of wisdom
  8. AliceF3 Well-Known Member

    I was actually thinking of joining an outpost to make a few new friends, this one looks like a nice small place to start :p
    There's Mooshrooms as well, so that's a +1 :3
  9. spidey329 Well-Known Member

    yeah, its a mushroom island, weve gotten grass on the settled areas, so far on this island there is me, wildbeast23, and devon699
  10. spidey329 Well-Known Member

    anyone else like to visit/live on minerva? it is 99% hostile mob free
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  11. princebee Well-Known Member

    Minerva is also the name of a character in Harry Potter xP
  12. hashhog3000 Contribution Team

    I thought Athena was the Greek name for the Greek goddess Athena... :p Minerva is her Roman form, I believe. And doesn't one of the professors in Harry Potter have that name? Meh, maybe I'll come check it out. Is there anything you really need?
  13. princebee Well-Known Member

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  14. spidey329 Well-Known Member

    ive got most of what i need, if you want to visit/live there thatd be great, and no Athena is the English name, Minerva is the Greek one
  15. spidey329 Well-Known Member

    resident wildbeast23 has just finished lake Galene! great job wild!
  16. siniypiva Well-Known Member

    I would come out man! i can build a small house there if i can, or a fort if you wish, I would like to try ive only ever been on smp9
  17. spidey329 Well-Known Member

    Great! ill start a convo with you giving you the cords of Minerva
  18. bitemenow15 Well-Known Member

    athena is how you say athena in greek. minerva is the daughter of jupiter (the roman zeus) although she is kind of a weird mixture of athena and artemis
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  19. spidey329 Well-Known Member

    athena and artimis? artemis swor never to marry and she leads the 'hunters'
  20. devon699 Well-Known Member

    Hi Ive never been on this thread before and your apart of my nation

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