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  1. LittleJimSlade Prominent Member

    Hey everyone, i have a small community off of smp2, it is called Minerva if you would like to visit/live there, please contact me. pictures broken, trying to resolve

    Minerva still is a work in progress
    EDIT: this picture is old, will be posting new one soon

    [TO DO LIST]
    Dismantle Mob Spawner
    Clear Area For Grass To Grow
  2. LittleJimSlade Prominent Member

    we are a small community, only 3 people have come to Minerva yet, we would love for a 4th, 5th 6th 7th etc!
  3. jtc0999 Distinguished Member

    Isn't Minerva a band?
  4. DaJaKoe Distinguished Member

    And a Roman goddess.
  5. Biscuitboy Prominent Member

  6. jtc0999 Distinguished Member


    From assassian's creed!
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  7. LittleJimSlade Prominent Member

    actually, Minerva is the greek name for the greek goddess Athena, the goddess of wisdom
  8. AliceTheFox Distinguished Member

    I was actually thinking of joining an outpost to make a few new friends, this one looks like a nice small place to start :p
    There's Mooshrooms as well, so that's a +1 :3
  9. LittleJimSlade Prominent Member

    yeah, its a mushroom island, weve gotten grass on the settled areas, so far on this island there is me, wildbeast23, and devon699
  10. LittleJimSlade Prominent Member

    anyone else like to visit/live on minerva? it is 99% hostile mob free
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  11. hOIVS Distinguished Member

    Minerva is also the name of a character in Harry Potter xP
  12. Hashhog Moderator in Training
    Distinguished Member

    I thought Athena was the Greek name for the Greek goddess Athena... :p Minerva is her Roman form, I believe. And doesn't one of the professors in Harry Potter have that name? Meh, maybe I'll come check it out. Is there anything you really need?
  13. hOIVS Distinguished Member

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  14. LittleJimSlade Prominent Member

    ive got most of what i need, if you want to visit/live there thatd be great, and no Athena is the English name, Minerva is the Greek one
  15. LittleJimSlade Prominent Member

    resident wildbeast23 has just finished lake Galene! great job wild!
  16. siniypiva Well-Known Member

    I would come out man! i can build a small house there if i can, or a fort if you wish, I would like to try ive only ever been on smp9
  17. LittleJimSlade Prominent Member

    Great! ill start a convo with you giving you the cords of Minerva
  18. bitemenow15 Diamond Supporter
    Distinguished Member

    athena is how you say athena in greek. minerva is the daughter of jupiter (the roman zeus) although she is kind of a weird mixture of athena and artemis
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  19. LittleJimSlade Prominent Member

    athena and artimis? artemis swor never to marry and she leads the 'hunters'
  20. devon699 Prominent Member

    Hi Ive never been on this thread before and your apart of my nation

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