Feb 14, 2012
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All I can say is...Peace... Apr 9, 2014

    1. HillbillyBeastly
      All I can say is...Peace...
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    2. RebelSpartan
      I have my own predictions about terminus... It in a way, relates to cows... (very small way though).
      Anyway, glad to see yet another walking dead fan.
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      2. HillbillyBeastly
        Big Walking Dead fan...love the comics & the show. I have some theories on Terminus, mainly revolving around the idea that it isn't full of The Hunters (from the comic) but rather something else entirely that Rick & Co just misunderstood.
        Apr 2, 2014
    3. HillbillyBeastly
      Re-watched Walking Dead S4 Finale...Does Team Rick Fear The Hunters? Or is Terminus actually something else? Can't wait for Season 5
    4. HillbillyBeastly
      Can Sunday just hurry up and get here.I'm ready to see the Season 4 Finale for Walking Dead. Time for Rick to go nuts & The Marauders to die
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    5. HillbillyBeastly
      Just beat my 1st Marlix! Did it alone with my doggies! Pretty awesome fight. Loved the Marlix has fallen message.
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    6. HillbillyBeastly
      Well that Super Bowl was a waste of time...welcome back to the 80's Broncos fans...we go to Super Bowls to lose. Ugh. Congrats to Seattle...
    7. HillbillyBeastly
      Can Sunday just get here yet? Tired of listening to talking heads yap about this game. Ready to see Broncos bring home Super Bowl #3!
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    8. HillbillyBeastly
      Just seriously kicked my own butt at the gym...man, getting outta shape was so fun, getting back into it sucks! WHEW!
    9. HillbillyBeastly
      Denver Broncos are Super Bowl bound! Love seeing Brady & Pats go home. GO BRONCOS!!!!
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      2. Olaf_C
        Bro, you will die now.
        Jan 19, 2014
      3. Bro_im_infinite
        ^ Nevah >:D im too infinite
        Jan 19, 2014
      4. brickstrike
        Jan 19, 2014
    10. HillbillyBeastly
      Getting some cool bow drops off regular skelllies...3x Power III Unbreaking III...not a bad day at all!
    11. HillbillyBeastly
      Broncos win! It ended up too close for comfort but a win is a win. Bring on the Patriots next! GO BRONCOS!!
    12. HillbillyBeastly
      New book started...old book being combed through by editor...this time around it's horror...things are about to get bloody & scary...
    13. HillbillyBeastly
      Good cigars + good tequila = Happy New Years to me. Be safe everyone!
    14. HillbillyBeastly
      Great regular season by the Broncos. Looking forward to seeing them win another Super Bowl!
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    15. HillbillyBeastly
      And the point of me being at work today is what? So boring...And the day is DRAGGING!
    16. HillbillyBeastly
      Von Miller out for rest of the year. Broncos have faced so much adversity this year. It'll be great when they win it all despite all this
    17. HillbillyBeastly
      PFM...Peyton Freaking Manning...need I say more? Nope.
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    18. HillbillyBeastly
      Giant red velvet cupcake left over from work Christmas party yesterday might be the best breakfast ever...
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    19. HillbillyBeastly
      Uh..could DC/WB secretly be making a Justice League movie? With WW now cast, rumors of Flash, Nightwing & Doomsday appearing...it could be.
      1. HylianNinja
        I've been hearing rumors of a Justice League movie for a bit now. But deep down I know that it probably isn't going to be very good.
        Dec 5, 2013
      2. HillbillyBeastly
        I'm wondering if Batman vs Superman (alleged follow up to MOS) is actually either a Trinity or JL movie that they're making using the premise of Batman vs Superman to throw everyone off. They cast Wonder Woman, they've got Bats & Supes...rumors of Flash and Cyborg appearing are out there as well. I'm wondering if they're doing the opposite of Marvel and having a team up movie first, followed by individual stories.
        Dec 5, 2013
      3. HylianNinja
        Yeah, I think Batman vs Superman is supposed to be a transition to their new Marvel-esque plan. And I think they are going to be using their CW tv shows as the individual stories for the minor characters.
        Dec 5, 2013
    20. HillbillyBeastly
      Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups - George Carlin
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      2. battmeghs
        best guy ever.
        Dec 4, 2013
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    I like monster trucks, tractor pulls, county fairs
    Huntin' and fishin' and ice cold beer
    And that's the way I'm gonna be til the day I die :cool:


    Elizabeth, Co
    I'm married to a super cool chick. She's awesome & hot & the best part of me.
    I'm nothing but a redneck. Love me some guns, bows, and anything else that shoots, fires, or explodes. I love hunting, fishing and do both whenever possible. I would much rather be roving around in the woods than be trapped in an office. I bowhunt and rifle hunt, usually with my Dad and a couple close friends. I wouldn't trade that time with them for anything. If you are ever in my neck of the woods, give me a shout & we'll see if we can track down some game.