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  1. iSmooch Prominent Member


    This is the time you've all been waiting for! Before I post the results, I would just like to take a moment to applaud everyone for their entries. They made iSmooch and myself laugh, ooh, ahh and aww, and you should all be proud of what you put together. Choosing winners was probably the hardest decision I've made in my life (just kidding, but it would be a close second). So to keep you all from biting your nails and rocking on your chairs any longer, here are the results!

    1st place: Aubringer!
    2nd place: PandasEatRamen!
    3rd place: darryshan, nerone94 AND yankees518!
    4th place: scribblenaut10!
    5th place: everyone else who entered!

    Yes, that's right! We have three third places winners and everyone who entered will get a shout out of their choice! It was too hard to leave any of you out, and after much deliberation this is the decision we came to. Each third place winner will get to participate in an episode of the survival series (seperately), and scribblenaut10 will get to pick a map and will get a shoutout in each epsiode of that series!

    Congratulations to everyone! We will be in touch :)
    The winner's video:
    This Video will also be featured on our channel :)
    Entries So Far

    Below this Are all Non-YouTube videos :p

  2. Terr Distinguished Member

    These are gonna be the vids you get, I'm Terr and you should pick me cause uhh i'm AWESOME

    Oh and FIRST

    Just saying bro
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  3. iSmooch Prominent Member

    Im cool with that ;) Its mainly to see how a person shows their personality on the camera, and if they have some creativeness (thus the reason we want to see a creation). Its not easy to find things to talk about and be good on recording. Not everyone is compatible..
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  4. hayleycolgan Prominent Member

    Posting the contest when I'm at school and such >.>

    I hope everyone enjoys this :) It was the best way we could work it so that it was more fair to choose who gets to be a part of this! We want you to join us, but we didn't know quite how to choose :p Not saying it will be easy now, but it will give us more of an idea for who is really interested.
  5. tclementi1 Active Member

    I told u my idea was good
  6. SecretAznEks Distinguished Member

    Great. Now I have one more thing taking my time away from that ever-important physics project. I'll try to get this done quickly. Quick note: will each video have a different contest, or will the winners be 'recycled', so to speak?
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  7. iSmooch Prominent Member

    ... can you rephrase that question please xD
  8. NurseKilljoy Prominent Member

    I'm actually tempted to make a video of me waffling on about stuff for 3 minutes.
  9. SecretAznEks Distinguished Member

    Sure. Say I win and platypus gets fourth. I get to help you guys out with whatever adventure map I choose. But after that, he chooses a different adventure map, right? These will obviously be separated. What I'm asking is whether you will hold a new contest after each winner has picked and done their adventure map.
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  10. iSmooch Prominent Member

    do it yo xD
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  11. Barkley1987 Active Member

    Waffling on, haha! Haven't heard that one before. I like it.
  12. iSmooch Prominent Member

    Let me see if i got this right..

    This is the only contest planned (does not mean there will not be more.. just for right now.. this will give us enough community involvement for awhile). This contest will yield 5 winners... yes, they are all separate.. now after we do the adventure map and survival series with the first place, we will move to the survival series episodes with the 2nd place.. then we will have the one episode with the 3rd place.. then we will do the adventure map suggestion for the 4th place... the shoutout will probably be on all of those episodes :p just because its like a consolation prize.. now it will take weeks for all of those episodes to be recorded, edited, and posted.. after that, we may be up for more.. but at this moment, this is the only PLANNED contest.. chances are however, there will be more..
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  13. SecretAznEks Distinguished Member

    Thanks for the clarification. I just wanted to make sure that there would be multiple opportunities for me to get in on this.
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  14. Bobalek Well-Known Member

    How do I submit my video
  15. iSmooch Prominent Member

    upload it youtube.. then embed it here.
  16. Bobalek Well-Known Member

    Ok thanks I will tomorrow
  17. iSmooch Prominent Member

    Look forward to it :)
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  18. hayleycolgan Prominent Member

    *Friendly bump to make sure members from other timezones see this awesome contest we are holding* :D
  19. _Stads_ Prominent Member

    I'll try to make one of my episodes and send you a link to one of my episodes to see how I am on camera ;)
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  20. Tehwafflez Prominent Member

    I heard someone say my name.. This is mah kind of contest! Here I come Youtube! Wait do haley and you do vids together (sorry never checked out yur vids just emccast)

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