"I think you guys should add more slots"

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by GameKribJEREMY, Dec 11, 2011.

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  1. Squizzel_Boy Distinguished Member

    I know what you mean :(
  2. JustinGuy Original Founder
    Prominent Member

    Some staff is more involved in other things than moderating in-game every day. Just like some staff members hardly interact on the site at all. Additionally some staff uses alt accounts to play, and only uses their staff account to take action when needed (having a green name gets you constantly bombarded with PM's). Yes sometimes staff members do leave EMC and we remove their status :)
  3. JustinGuy Original Founder
    Prominent Member

    Thanks we are still working on it. I agree we could use more staff in the European and Australian time zones, we are working on it :)
  4. Squizzel_Boy Distinguished Member

    Thanks and I see you added some More Moderators today :D (d1123m)
  5. copherfield Well-Known Member

    d1223m is now moderator :O *anyways* this morning for example there was no moderator online, as also last night :S
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  6. JustinGuy Original Founder
    Prominent Member

    Haha wow, I clicked the button for that like 10 seconds ago, you are fast!
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  7. Squizzel_Boy Distinguished Member

    The cake gives me energy
  8. daegoo Well-Known Member

    Smp6 already! It feels like smp5 was launched yesterday. Good job on adding servers.
  9. Firebox360 Prominent Member

    I agree completely, it should be cut back to 45 players... There is a block lag that is pretty annoying
    Luckily i have utopia now ;)
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  10. JustinGuy Original Founder
    Prominent Member

    We will slowly be migrating smp1-4 to better hardware like smp5 :)
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  11. Joshyy Distinguished Member

    Wait. Smp1-4 are slower then 5? *Rages and buys gold to hurry it up*
  12. Mrsmiley99 Well-Known Member

  13. Dreamytje Prominent Member

    I like that I have supported into better hardware for SMP1-4 :) Makes me feel good.
    Also want to feel good just donate :)
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  14. copherfield Well-Known Member

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  15. yobunch132 Member

    lol i THING this severs epic
  16. _Stads_ Prominent Member

    Yeah after all having empire raft us a privilage!
  17. foodenator Prominent Member

    Hey, I play on EMC and on Uber Minecraft, which has 400 slots and NO LAG even when it's totally full
  18. Joshyy Distinguished Member

    We have alot more plugins and 4 worlds.
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  19. Malicaii12 Prominent Member

    But I imagine also that the chat on that server is shocking.. Too many players massively effects gaming quality, IMO. And don't forgot about the plugins that don't have all the commands... We have the residence plugin... The Eggify plugin... etc.
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  20. Squizzel_Boy Distinguished Member

    no I'm just saying that they have more plugins (I think) I'm not saying that that is why EMC should have 400 slots if anything EMC should stay how it is :)
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