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  1. FadedDude101 New Member

    I was looking through realease news of 1.7 and 1.6.6 and they both said in quote "Removed Herobrine" whats going on? and at school we were talking about Herobrine (sheepwonder and I) I told him on my theory and he said he heard it somewhere too. imagesCAX5XVGN.jpg Well this is him. The so called "Fake." ghost of minecraft. I think he's real. alot of real and fake proof in the world. I mean how did it start? Many seen the first photo. It's creepy.
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  2. ZerreissenDirge Active Member

    a mc ghost :O i have seen that skin before!
  3. zanderboy Active Member

    Herobrine is out of the game now dude, they just messed up in 1.6.6 when they tried t remove him and they failed. But then they succeeded in 1.7. That is why it shows in both change logs.
  4. FadedDude101 New Member

    Are you 100% sure?
  5. AusQB Distinguished Member

    It's true. For a long time I thought it was just a myth, but then I saw the change log. It's definitely no longer in the game.
  6. zanderboy Active Member

    Yep, I have only seen him once, and even then I am not sure, might have been my imagination, but yes I am 100% sure.
  7. tato505 Member

    Hmm is Herobrine still here..... tuffy.... Prob not but hey i can be wrong ^^ but still ... close ur doors....
  8. cmirsaidi Member

    So did they mess up again in 1.8 when they said they removed him again?
  9. Importerer Prominent Member

    notch is totally trolling people by adding that to the change log. he did it as a joke.
  10. jjy88sm Member

    Herobrine is removed but, there is a Herobrine mod to make Herobrine re-appear in the game (not in without mod though).
  11. Joshhsoj0 Member

    Reading this I noticed no one gave herobrines history. Herobrine has a glitch in Indev ,what came before Alpha, Mojang succesfully removed him some time during Alpha. By this time a rumor had started (from youtube) that Notch meant for him to be put in to honor his dead brother. It is confirmed Notch has a dead brother, and that he was a gammer, but not that Notch meant for him to be added. Personally I belive Herobrine is Notch's brother, which is why I honor him with my Herobrine skin. Herobrine was readded as a joke during the 1.6.6 update. He was then removed agin in 1.7. This is what I know about Herobrine, no information on Herobrine has ben confirmed that I know of, so I may be wrong.
  12. Soybeen Active Member

    Due to a recent understanding, I have removed this post.
  13. Soybeen Active Member

    Due to a recent understanding, I have removed this post. (As well)
  14. Joshhsoj0 Member

    Thats how I learned it, and anyways if you read this part.
    Mojang denies his existance completly, but the only time I've seen him is during the 1.6.6 era
  15. Joshhsoj0 Member

    Have you played Indev?
  16. Soybeen Active Member

    No, but I am reading some things on the internet. I'm trying to get a better understanding before I comment.
  17. Joshhsoj0 Member

    Im only talking from experince, the time I say him was when I started getting into Herobrine cause of the change log stating he was removed, so it could have been my imagination. There is alot of fluff and bull crap on him. He can't alter worlds, you see him for a quick second, then he's gone. I may be wrong cause as I said "Im only talking from experince," so please share what you find from your resarch.
  18. echidy Member

    Herobrine, all hail Herobrine, the mystical power of all things white... Lol (racist much) hey guys, look it up on youtube theres this funny animation involving herobrine i think its called Mine Wars, Its really cool check it out
  19. Soybeen Active Member

    Notch put that in the Change log as a Joke. He's not serious guys. He's simply stating that "There is no Herobrine now, even more than there wasn't before,"
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  20. FadedDude101 New Member

    herobrine is not a glitch as far as im concerned.
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