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  1. FadedDude101 New Member

    Man, i wonder how you create that thing under your post when you post somethin (like a motto)?
    anyways, back to the conversation. He could be a: Joke, Fake, or Glitch.
  2. Sundanian Member

    If im not wrong, the 1.8 also say "Removed Herobrine". I think Mojang is just messing with our minds, Notch do have humor you know, even though he is swedish ;)
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  3. EVERYONE, herobrine is not real! When an update comes, everything that has been added has a little + sign before the update. Example: +Added new mob:Endermen
    +Added FOV slider

    But if you see carefully, there is a - sign before the update that says: Removed Herobrine.
    What does that - sign mean?

    I would like to hear your thoughts guys
  4. slozon Prominent Member

    it was a joke someone pulled that got carried away i don't think he was ever in the game
    notch has a sense of humor so he ran with it too
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  5. nbasile2000 Member

    Why it said Herobrime was deleted 3 times i don't know. But I still don't believe. I was killed by him in 1.5 but after that, never heard from him again. Notch even admitted he was joking about "his dead brother" and all that. If he is real though, and comes up on me in survival, he'll get a Fire Aspect 1 through his head.
  6. Crazy1080 Distinguished Member

  7. Twitch1 Distinguished Member

    Do not post such things in the General Minecraft News Forum again.
    This is not news.

    This thread needs to be closed.
    Herobrine is the most successful troll in internet history.
    Good job keeping the conspiracy alive when most of us have moved on from this hoax.
    Please, find another way to increase your post count without resorting to what is considered spam in nearly every Minecraft community....

    Why are you out NECRO POSTING?
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  8. nbasile2000 Member

  9. daegoo Well-Known Member

    I thought herobrine was never in the game ad just a joke some players did that Notch caught on to so he said "removed herobrine" as a joke.
  10. hero_brine_MC Well-Known Member

    Notch:*cough*"removed herobrine"*cough*
    I am still here :p
    Now. Run player player run!! XD
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  11. Beau1999 Active Member

  12. MR2R2M Distinguished Member

    Hahaha, I know of you from looking through the server lists, I had a sneaky suspicion that you were going to post here :p
  13. joshyrocks13 Prominent Member

    How do you become a member or active member?
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  14. iSmooch Prominent Member

    trophy points
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  15. MR2R2M Distinguished Member

    It is to do with your posts and trophy points I think. So keep being an active member on the forums, and you'll soon be there :)
  16. MR2R2M Distinguished Member

    Gah! ismooch! You beat me :/
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  17. hero_brine_MC Well-Known Member

    Ooo if i found this thread earlier. It's gonna be a lot more fun :D
  18. joshyrocks13 Prominent Member

    Well I just earned a trophy. How many do I need? Thanks also! :D
  19. Seberling Well-Known Member

    They removed Herobrine during one of the updates. Kinda sucked if you ask me because I never had a chance to see him!
  20. Historian101 Active Member

    I hadn't bought the game before 1.6, so I can neither confirm nor deny I saw something that at least looked something like a player, and this was in a cave on Peaceful. I was investigating a water leak in a small cave while looking for coal in a new world. I round the corner, and down a some blocks peeking out from behind a corner, was what looked like another player. Whatever it was, it ran as soon as I rounded the corner, It wasn't a zombie, it would have attacked. I didn't even have a sword so I ran. Whatever that, that thing was, I haven't seen it since.
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